Oct 20, 2010

Waste Not Want Not Wed #4

I guess my Meme may just be a once a month idea kinda thing.  Maybe it is the super savy and the super creative that get lots of linkers.  Have you ever wondered what seed will grow...you scatter them and don't know if they'll all be blessed and grow or which few will prosper.  I think I'm learning why some Bloggers just drop out for no apparent reason and you never see another post from them and miss them??  I go to tie in my link at some fav's and there are 234 peeps already there and I even like when there are 21 already there.  I was excited to get like 8 links last month to Christmas Collector's Alley!

This is my meme that is coming up soon on my Christmas bloggie.  By then, more peeps will at least be thinking Christmas but maybe not until Dec??  I'll be full up in the middle of moving stuff out of Beagle Run Cottage to our new digs.

Welcome to Waste Not Want Not Wednesday #4

I'm showing something that I shared before because it hit me and always delights my heart to think of how good God is!!  I have a dear friend from church that celebrated her 50th wedding anniversary this past Spring.  I was gonna make her a name frame but saw this at Goodwill (someone let it go).  I blogged originally about it here.

How could anyone throw out a pitcher with their last name on it??  Who knows what happened.  But, I rescued her and added fresh flowers and bling and brought it to my friend. 
She still can't believe it, it delighted her heart. 
It is perfect for her and her cottage and it makes me think of how much the Lord loves us and cares for us and delights for these kinda special moments to capture our hearts.



  1. I've often wondered why some bloggers don't seem to be 'out there' but I assumed it was busy life.

    I don't know how to link up to things...duh..

  2. The picture with the flowers must have really made a great impression on your friends. I'm sorry I'm not able to participate right now.

  3. Maybe the reason more aren't linking up with their Christmas collection is that it is packed up and they don't want to get it out until time to decorate. I have quite a collection of Angel ornaments. Some have stories behind them but they are scattered among a number of boxes. If you think this might be an annual thing, I'll take some photos at Christmas to share next year.
    Mama Bear


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