Oct 26, 2010

Cross-stitch finds

Is anyone else out there in LOVE with stitch work?  Some of ya'll are stitching away as we speak. lol  I am not doing any pieces lately but can hardly walk away from orphaned pieces.  I've been scouting my local antique shops for furniture pieces for our home and have come across some great shots.
Hope today finds you Live'n and Dream'n for tomorrow!!

Happy 3 or more Tuesday at The Gypsy's Corner..it is her 100th!!


  1. Hello Denise Marie, Yes, I adore stitch work and have many vintage ones hanging in my laundry room. Also, some I have done myself. I am always on the hunt for more.

    Thanks for your visit yesterday.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  2. I am a big thrift store shopper. One thing I can't bear to leave is orphaned cross-stiched art.I am a cross-stitcher and I know how much work goes into a project. It makes me so sad to see them for sell. So I buy them..well not all of them


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