Oct 15, 2010

Pink chairs love

Isn't this a nice vignette....like it was meant to be??
Ya'll would LOVE everything in my MILs home. 
OK...I'm ready to confess and laugh at myself in Blogland for what happened to me this summer.
I ordered something for myself...my house off of Overstock.com.

I'm waiting and waiting...
instead of a pkg at my door I got a thank you call from Mother in Love. lol

I got distracted by several different things while placing the order and missed that the shipping address was still mother-in-loves home address.  I had sent her a package for mother's day and it was still altered to that address.  OMGoodness!!

Yes..that is it, in-between those 2 velveteen pink Victorian chairs.  That cute round barrel table was suppose to go with my brown leather couch so I could get my big bulky tables to the new spot and showcase Beagle Run Cottage For Sale.
Instead, it is in her beloved spare room waiting for guests to admire. lol

Things happen, she liked it...we flew in this summer instead of driving so we couldn't shove it into our car.  So, we gifted it to her and all laughed it off.  She must like it because she made hubby burn the box it came in.  lol
Maybe the Lord wanted to bless her with it??  lol   I'm certainly not gonna order myself another one after getting laughed at so much from all the family. :D 

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  1. What a fun story. First of all...YEAH for the pink. I truly love that! Secondly...it must have been a great measure of grace that allowed your MIL to keep that table. It's so cute I would have wanted it back. I know...I need to grow a little....;-)

  2. That's so funny but it sounds like she was praying for that lovely little table and you were an answer to her prayers. Were you able to order another one?

  3. What a great story! And the table is beautiful and it does look fabulous with those pink chairs. Isn't it funny how things turn out sometimes?

  4. Charming post...the table looks great between her guest room chairs!

  5. Denise, That is such a funny story!! That would happen to me!! But everything happens for a reason!!

  6. Hi Denise,
    Love the pink chairs and the table is so cute! I'm glad you can laugh about your mistake and I'm glad that Your MIL is happy with her gift! Happy Pink Saturday weekend.


  7. What a sweet story. And what a dear daughter in law you are! :) LOVE those pink chairs. love. xo Lidy

  8. One should never confess. But I'm like you; if I get a great deal that looks like a million bucks, I love to scream out Walmart or Thrift shop, etc. Your chairs are simply magnificent!

  9. What a cute story!! It sounds like something I would do! I'm sure she was sooooo excited when it arrived on her doorstep!! It is beautiful! Thanks for sharing...and I love her pink chairs!!
    Have a great weekend!

  10. I love that story. I bet you were grateful it wasn't a new car!!

    Thanks so much for your kind comment about our Master bedroom. I do often lie there dreaming!! It's a lovely spot to dream.


  11. That's a funny story, I guess it was meant for her. She must have been wanting one and the events that followed just worked on her behalf.
    Those chairs sure are pretty.

    Happy Pink Saturday! Hope you're having a lovely weekend.

  12. What a great story! It does look good there.

  13. I love stories like this...I accidentally called an acquaintance one day instead of my daughter..both names begin with G and were next to each other in contacts on my phone...Since I was calling my daughter, I didn't begin by identifying myself..I thought one of the children had answered and asked what they were doing...after we talked a few minutes I knew it was her but didn't let on that I meant to call someone else.
    Mama Bear


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