Oct 21, 2010

Gate Thankful

“Enter his gates with thanksgiving,

 and his courts with praise!
 Give thanks to him; bless his name!”
           ~ Psalm 100:4 (ESV)

Absolutely 1 of my fav verses. 
The mantra of Thankful Thursday.  Looks like we gotta head here for the latest entries.  This is my 1st week here.

Exactly what went thru my mind a few weeks ago as I stood at the other side of this gate with my Hubby and Real Estate agent/friend.  This home called out to me more than the other 30 we walked thru.  Hubby noticed that I only reacted so much to this home.  I felt like I was having a heart attack when we went back out the front door after seeing the whole property, I had to lean over for a minute and Praise the Lord.  I also had an "electric charge" feeling go thu me standing at the back of that gate, like a YES and AMEN..I quoted that verse above.  The Lord knows how much I love gates and iron and lanterns and brick columns.  He sees the desires of our hearts.  I believe He longs at the proper time to bless us with good gifts..if we do not become weary in doing good and do not faint from hopes seemingly un-met.  I don't NEED this...but what if He wants it for me and I keep my hands clenched and do not receive his good gifts?
That is how I've been my whole life.  I struggle to believe about myself what He sees in me.  I'm thankful he is so patient and merciful and his love is soooo deep.

I'm so incredibly thankful to show ya'll my soon to be new driveway.  I will have to operate this gate to get into the driveway and into the backdoor of our new home. 
The previous owners put a ton of stone work into the landscaping.  I would never have had that money or ingenuity to do this task in such a fine way.  It looks stunning.
This is the lil side gate to get in after walking Jack Beagle around the new hood. :b  That lil window is out my laundry room.  I think a company came thru 14 years ago when this neighborhood was built and offered a discount for the gates as they were doing other neighbors.  Several peeps have this same set-up.

I'm in awe and wonder that we are making a move.  We are very frugal, hardly ever go on vaca, never splurge on fine things, never assume we deserve anything.  Hubby says this will be our vacaction having a pool.  The Lord seems to have directed our path here.  We are putting the finishing touches on Beagle Run Cottage so a new family can enjoy it's beauty and I'm having a rough time letting go.

I'm Thankful that the Lord will help me say good-bye to the past, let go and move forward into my destiny here on earth until the trumpet blast sounds.

 xox, DeniseMarie


  1. Looks like a beautiful new place to call home.

  2. Denise Marie,

    Absolutely breath taking. God is so good.

    Delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.

    Oh girl, you must be doin' some delightin'. Hugs and Happy TT.

  3. Congratulations, looks like a nice place! I'm happy you got what you wanted!

    Enjoy your weekend :-)


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