Oct 23, 2010

Updated Doors

I'm on door and window trim duty at Beagle Run Cottage.  All the lil details of stuff that needs to happen when you are trying to get to 100% completeness are tedious, tiresome and can seem over-whelming to a flighty gal like me.  We are the best at getting stuff 89% complete and then running off to play and never look back to complete our task.  Beagle Run Cottage is full up of not quite done projects!!  But, you cannot sell a house like that.

We took all of the doorknobs (Antique Brass..not Oil-Rubbed Bronze) off of the core doors and replaced our brown 70's doors with new 6 panel white doors we always thought we'd have for ourselves.  :S  These doors are only $25 each now.  I think they use to be like $60 each and we never wanted to spend that much.  We sure are hoping that making sure all the doors match and are "updated" is gonna help for a quick sale.  It's gotta get off our books and onto someone else's.

See my PINK jacket in the middle of all the boy jackets?
So, while the doors are off I gotta paint all the trim and finish transforming the living room over to Compatible Creme by Sherwin Williams.  We worked off of that paint chip to do the coloring of this home.  We did the Butternut Squash for the kitchen and got the white color off of that same chip for the vent hood cabinet.  It all coordinates well.  I'll show ya'll more as I finish each project. :)  Doesn't this whole corner look just lovely?  lol

I find irony in the floors needing to be wood now and the walls and wood has to be neutral.  This all instead of wooden walls and neutral carpet that use to be in style.  I guess you still have balance of light and dark?  Peeps expect and demand perfection!!  No one is a do-it-yourself'r any more.  No one wants to make it happen along and along with each passing pay check.  It has to be move-in-ready!

I'm taking stuff off the walls too and plugging nail holes.  I'm trying to let go of 17 years of love poured into this home and off to the next 1.  We may try to later flip a house to pay our son's 1st year of college tuition.  But, that is a long way off.  If  we can learn to not leave stuff 89% done we might be on our way towards that dream. lol

It is Pink Saturday at Bev's again.



  1. I sure feel what you are going through. Last year our hose was on the market. It didn't sell, but not because we didn't give it our best. Took all those pictures down, hated depersonalizing. We are not on the market now so I have added a few back. Did as much as we could afford to do to improve the house that we just basically ignored for many years. I so agree that we have learned that lesson well. Good luck getting your house on the market and sold.

  2. I hate having my house on the market..did I say Hate..yep..hate it!!
    do this..Do that..hey If it was good enough for me to live in..so be it.If you are selling it because you can't aford it..why do they think you can invest a ton into it?
    Good luck..Can't wait to see the new house!!

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  3. Hi Denise Marie,
    Seems as though you will be quite busy this weekend, and many others.
    Good luck!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my story.


  4. You had me laughing at being good at finishing something 89% of the way done. That SO sounds like me! I have to make a conscious effort to finish something before jumping to the next. I think replacing all of the doors and having them match was a great idea. It's the little things like this that sell a house!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  5. Good luck and it sure looks like you are on the right track. I'm with Carol - 89% sounds about right to me too. I think I only have one room that I would call 95% done! See and it's not even 100% done!

  6. Love the pinks but don't envy the home improvement. It will look great when you're finished. Glad I was finally able to get by or I might have missed it. Happy Pink Saturday.


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