Oct 1, 2010

UT Jack

Just in case Pink Sat Gals don't know about Bella's Furry First Fridays..

Oldest is such a UT fan!!  His daddy got his Masters Degree there and I almost used Austin as his middle name.  It sure would have suited him. lol
He's growing up on me.  He got his buddy, Jack Beagle, a UT collar this summer at Petco.

Won't they look great for the OU vs. UT match-up this weekend??  I can't believe I didn't realize it was coming up.  I'm sure we'll be watching it live or tape and watch when we are done with our own little league games here.

Now they match. :D

Joining Bella for Furry First Fridays

Beverly for Pink Saturday
 Have a Pink & Pet filled day!!


  1. Isn't the OU vs. TX game this weekend? I'll bet he's pumped!

  2. Love the picks of oldest and Jack Beagle. If the game is this weekend I hope you get a chance to blog...have a great day.

  3. Thank you so much for coming by my blog. I love the statement I have learned to BLOOM right where God planted me. Email me and tell me how you did it.....
    When will you have your craft room?

  4. What an adorable picture. I love how they match. So cute. And I love how Jack Beagle has a protective paw on his buddy - too, too cute. Jack really has quite a sweet, intelligent face. Just a cutie pie. Thanks so much for joining in!

  5. Your son and your beagle look comfy on the sofa ;-) Nice photo!

  6. sorry I am late stopping by. Love the beagle.. How do you get that little beagle to sleep at night. Mine is a puppy and wants to go out and sniff the world at 3:00 a.m. not cool. Have a great day.


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