Mar 28, 2010

Vintage Love

Here ye...hear ye...Holly at Banner Haus made me a custom bloggie doggie banner!  She totally rocks!!  I love it!!

Vintage Love!! 
I have NO idea why I'm so captivated by all things vintage.  When my mom or hubby walk thru an antique mall or junk shop with me they are 3 aisles over and I'm still fascinated in the 2nd or 3rd display area.  I got this old funky door for $20 at my fav shoppe that sells stuff shipped over from Europe.  I imagine it was on a really neat cottage out in the fields somewhere quaint.  She needs some attention but I love her.
I love Joan at Anything Goes Here!!  She is 1 of my very 1st blog friends.  I won an awesome book, Blogging for Bliss, from her right off and got thrown into the incredible world of blog crafters.  Joan has the most keen eye for vintage gadgets and can re~work them to something hip and funky to display. 

I find a lot of my postcards out at antique malls or junk shops.  I won't pay much so I have to keep searching but I hit a jackpot last summer in Virginia's Eastern Shore B&B community of Cape CharlesIt was so bloomin' hot in the shop that I thought I would faint while looking thru her huge stash...but do you vintage lovers think that stopped me? 
Uuhhhh, that would be a No..
I think I forced myself to stop once I found $12 worth at a $1 each.
I didn't pay more than $2 for any of these shown:

absolutely gorgeous...
April 16, 1908~Pocomo Lake, PA
May 27, 1919~Copeville, VA

Newness of life themed...
Mar 30, 1907~Johnsville, MD
Mar 24, 1921~Chipley, FL
ye old rugged cross themed...
blow~me~away beautiful bunny and chicken themed...
Apr 10, 1909~Petersville, MD
Kitchen window (bad shot)...
April 22, 1916 South Boston
Peeps...are ya gettin' me..postcard Love!
April 17, 1922
Portsmouth, VA

I got this at a local antique shoppe.  It is vintage inspired greeting card.

Girls, I had to have this peridot vintage inspired ornament..
Nate's birthstone is Peridot!

I think I've had a thing for chickies this Spring.

This is my Easter tree last year.  See my Radkos and my sugared and velvet eggs with pictures of Hubby when he was growing up.  ;-}
OMGosh...Lamb planter!!  Got him a few years ago in Galveston, TX at a funky antique shoppe.
I always fill it with Lambs ear or alysum.
Italy Pottery!  I probably should never put dirt in it but I'm learning to enjoy my things.
These sure seem vintage to me. 
I've had them for many seasons.  Probably got them at Ross or Marshall's on clearance...after Easter 1 year.  I'm not the smartest bunny ever!!  I think I actually bought these with the Mrs. missing her ears but do you think I even noticed until this year??  that too would be a NO! lol  I've just always stopped short of noticing because I'm giggling at her cracked egg bonnet.  I gotta find some funky ol' pieces of metal to try to rig her some ears.  This is the window in front of my crafting studio.  I've lost enough plants to now re~think this area.  Gotta bring the birdies over here so I can look over at them from my desk and smile at them.  Sonic Kitty loves to perch here now...I've moved just enough stuff that he can sit and look too.


  1. Oh those vintage cards are just too beautiful. I love them!! thanks for sharing all the goodies. I enjoyed the post.

  2. Your vintage cards are wonderful. I love all vintage postcards. Yours are really great. The Easter bunnies on the one card are awesome. Such pretty colors.

  3. You have a really beautiful collection of postcards! I love that cracked egg with the chickies inside, and that flower vase on your windowsill too! I'm a good one for not noticing things until after I get them home. But for me, it's called "Time to get some glasses"! That's why most of my pictures on my blog have dust bunnies in them!
    Happy Easter!

  4. I just swoon over vintage and antique postcards! Yours are gorgeous...and don't worry...if you didn't miss her ears, noone else has either!LoL...Happy Easter!

  5. Sometimes I glance at things and never see the obvious! Would never have noticed the missing ears! Thanks for sharing. ♥♫

  6. Very pretty. I could use some of those beautiful Easter cards right now. Thanks for the reminder, I have to get them in the mail tomorrow or else...
    Have a great day and thanks for sharing your lovelies with us.
    Doris :-)

  7. What nice postcards. And what a great price.
    some cards can be $3.00 - $5.00. I try not to pay more than $1.00 - $1.50 but the cards are so cute and I can't pass them up! You have some real beauties.

    Happy Birthday Greetings!

  8. Your Easter postcards are lovely. My favorite is the bunny pushing the cart of eggs, very cute. Have a wonderful Easter, Heather

  9. What a wonderful door...and for only twenty dollars! Vintage cards are so pretty and you have such a nice collection...thank you for sharing it with us!
    P.S. I know precisely what you mean regarding vintage things!!

  10. I love the card with the little chicks on the shelf next to the other little chicks. By the way, I would have gone for the door as well. We do love our vintage things.

  11. good morning, denise! your DOOR is so cool!!! i can't wait to see what you do with her... tho' she's pretty sweet just like she is, too! i have a 'thing' for old doors, too (several in the basement that my 16-yr-old absolutely cannot see the need for -- drives him crazy!). your postcards are awesome!! you got a great deal on them -- i bet they're incredibly detailed close-up. such a different time in our history -- i wish we still used them (guess we have internet & blogs now, tho'!). you inspired me to find mine & hopefully get pics of them up before easter. thank you for sharing the link to joan's blog -- i will check it out! your 'beagle run' header is PERFECT!!! your blog definitely has a vintage feel to it -- warm & welcoming. (o: have a great day, denise! you're a blessing to me.

  12. Lookin' good, Girl! Funny how no one has commented on the header yet! I love that door - always had a thing for old doors!

  13. That is a great postcard collection. Thank You for your visit today. Have a good Easter. Julian

  14. HI DeniseMarie!
    thanks for stoppin' by aren't you the sweetest to blog about that eggament! Your things are lovely and I adore old post cards! But the door oh the door I am in love with the door! I can't wait to see what becomes of her!
    luvs and glitter

  15. Love, love the antique door! My mom had several old doors at her house and I'm thinking of taking them and somehow incorporating them into a pergola in my yard. ??? We'll see how that goes. Ha! Love all your pretty cards too! Cute stuff!

  16. Those are some of the nicest vintage cards I've seen.

    Are you ready fer Easter? Looks like it!!! Maybe that lady bunny w/o the ears is actually one of those rabbits with tiny lil' nubs fer ears...

  17. Hello, DeniseMarie.

    I love all of your Vintage Easter postcards! AND your cute new doggie blog header!

    Thanks for the nice comments. We have had fun together over the last year, haven't we?

    Thanks for taking part in the Vintage Easter Blog Hop. xo Joan@anythinggoeshere AKA your hostess

  18. Such pretty postcards, I like that they have dates on them. Many of mine are blank on the back. And your decorated tree is cute idea!


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