Mar 21, 2010

Reveal & Some Art

We put all the names in a baseball cap this weekend and out popped...
Suzie Button, who wrote:
I love blogging because it's brought into my home and life the beauty and
creativeness of women all over the world! 
Perfectly said, Suzie!!
Your package is on it's way.
Ya'll I'm so bummed!!

Things happen right...
Well, my mom gave me this cool blue and white vase several years ago and I was so excited when I saw Tina at Enchanted Rose Studio do a post on her tall florals.  Her motto is if you are gonna go faux, go big or go home.  I was so proud of these long, yellow stems I got for $1.65 each at Michael's and before I could put rocks in the bottom of the vase it fell over and made MORE mosaic pieces for a future project.  I was just about to go back out to get 3-6 more stems to really big it up and heard the smash on the patio floor.  The wind has been crazy this season for Houston.  We usually are hot and no breeze this time of year.
The Stems do look really good in an old metal garden bucket that I've also had for years.
Speaking of Art...
Art appreciation moments on the Highway around the chemical plants in SE Houston.

There are at least 4 of these heading in and out of the San Jacinto Battle field park area. 

This HUGE tanker strolled by our window at the San Jacinto Monument Inn Restaurant this weekend.
It is as big as a Cruise Ship.

The sun is shining more often in Houston, Texas...I hope where you are too.

xox, DeniseMarie


  1. A sad demise for your vase! Love the art, though. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. What a bummer about your vase...I have had that happen too !
    Love your art that you shared !

  3. Beautiful pics! Thanks for sharing. And thanks for stopping by my blog.

  4. I've got an idea on how to beautify my blue vases now, sorry for what happened to yours. Great photos you've got here. Thanks for dropping by at my blog I do appreciate it much! Happy Monday!

    MYM=Bird or chicken?
    Macro Monday~ The bud

  5. Great idea!

    Better late than never, my Blue Monday, have a good day!

  6. Too bad about the vase, but you seem to be taking it well by thinking mosaic chips ;-) Nice art work!

    Have a great week!
    Doris :-)

  7. Beautiful photos. Happy Blue Monday.

    Mine is here.

  8. Oh no, not that beautiful vase! Happy Blue Monday.

  9. So Sorry you lost the pretty vase. The yellow stems looked great with the blue and white. Maybe you can find another one at a thrift shop for not much money.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you'll visit often.

  10. Great blue Pics ! Sorry about your vase !

  11. You know, I forgot to thank you for all the sweet comments on my blog post about Aesthetic Transferware. thank you! Your comments were so nice!

    Since I deal with dishes I know the feeling when something, especially something special like your blue vase from your Mom, gets broken. At least you can do something with the broken pieces...that's the bright side. Once I was at a flea market with my sister and bought this really pretty vintage dish. Two booths later I dropped it and broke it into a hundred sister said ,"Look at the bright that pattern is even more collectible"! lol


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