Mar 29, 2010

Spring blooms galore

I had to go back to the car for the camera when I saw this field of yellow wild~flowers.  It is so un-expected right in the middle of a park where oldest was practicing baseball.
Simply gorgeous..girls, I wanted to roll in them!

You can kinda make the field out in the background here.  I was busy focusing on these pink blooms.  It is so magical to see the brilliance of colors in a bleak or stark surrounding of dead grass and dead looking trees.

Have you gals ever seen Texas Bluebonnets?  This year I'm just gonna ditch dive for photos here running errands and staying close to home.  Me and youngest son are gonna take Jack Beagle to the dog park soon and I'm gonna brave the dangerous street for up close photos of the bluebonnets.  Can't wait to post on that outing.  Ya'll are gonna love our dog park.  It is some good that came out of the hurricanes that have torn thru our area in the last few years.

These were planted at a Dr.s office on my way to get gas.

These were at the gas station while my car was filling up...gulp, gulp, gulp.  I love it when they are in totally unexpected places.  I almost slammed on the brakes yesterday to get ya'll a picture of Buttercups.  They are sweet pink bowls and I've grown up admiring them around here.  My mom loves the Indian Paint brushes, they are red and look kinda like the blue bonnets.

Bloomin in the sunshine...xox, DeniseMarie


  1. Beautiful pics of beautiful flowers! I can understand why you wanted "roll" in them! LOL!


  2. definitely is springin' in your parts...Slowly but surely I'm seeing some signs of spring here in Ontario Canada..I'm just praising God the snow is gone and I can start digging in the soil..yahooooooooooo

  3. Those yellow flowers around the trees are gorgeous! I am definitely ready for spring!

  4. Such pretty blossoms where you are. We are still nearly frozen. It makes me want to go outside. Hope you'll drop by and see our fantasy bath. -- Jane F.

  5. I live in TX and just love this time of year with all the wild flowers blooming. I have a patch of blue bonnets in my herb garden. Thanks for sharing and Happy Easter.

  6. Great photos of lovely flowers. I think Spring's so exciting and the plants are so eager to show off their fancy colors. Just wonderful time of year!
    Have a great week,
    Doris :-)

  7. I love the field of yellow! It makes you want to lay down right in the middle of it! Joan

  8. Spring is such a joyous time of year with all the wildflowers bloomin'! And speaking of Bloomin', I love your new header. I suspected Holly right away! I missed Joan's vintage Easter Hop but enjoyed all the postcards you shared. They sure have a way of making me feel like life was simpler back then, although it was really much harder in a lot of ways!

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  11. What beautiful photos. I especially like the first one. Love your header too btw!

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