Mar 13, 2010

100th post & it's Give-Away

WOW!!  I cannot believe I've bloggity~blog~blog~blogged 100 times now!!
My boys think I've gone Blog crazy and they just can't understand how much JOY ya'll have brought into my life and how it makes me a better MOM and better keeper of our wares and better WIFEY too.
Ya'll help me be more like this Gal in my Dining Room painting.
I sure have enjoyed Scoot'n all over Blogville checking out what others are doing in their world and in their homes.  It has been a great inspiration.  You are a bright spot in my life!!
You have helped me to BLOOM and reach for the sun and sky like these Sunflowers in my Mother~In~Law's garden in North Carolina every summer!

Bloomin...and really happy about it! 
xox, DeniseMarie

I only have 2 blog regrets: I missed meeting Barbara from Purple Goat Lady when she came to town last year and I had to drop my blog to get thru Christmas season in tact.  But, I couldn't wait to get back going again and that's the great part.

OK..On to the FUN!! 
I shopped just for 1 of you to put this together...
4 ~Pier 1 ~2 sided placemats  org. $5 each but I found them for .98cents each
2~Tues A.M.~red gingham tulip dish cloths org $9 but I pd $3
Pk of 10 imprintable Invitations for your next Tablescape Fellowship
Small heart shaped crystal candy holder thrifted for .50cents at a new spot I had never seen before and stumbled on last week. :)
Plus...lots more goodies I can stuff in the box!!  including a yard of my blessings ribbon.

It all happens in this room below.  I've been working to get it under better organization.
But, it has been more important to me to craft, create and get pkgs ready to send.

Please leave me a comment and share with us what you LOVE about your blogging experience.  I'll get 1 of my boys to pull from their baseball cap a loverly name and let you know who gets the prize on March 21st. 
  I guess that will be my 101 post.  lol 

Off I go on Scooter Patrol...come along,

Show Off Your Cottage Monday with Cielo at The House in the Roses


  1. Hi Denise Marie,
    Congratulations on your 100th post! Nice give away too.
    I enjoy connecting with so many different people from all over the world through blogging too.
    To answer your question on my blog-I do know some MacLean but it is a fairly common name here.I did drive by Montrose gardens this past summer on a day trip we took up west.It is a lovely garden but I don't know the owners-it is about 1 1/2 hour drive from here.
    Thank you for visiting me,

  2. Congratulations! I hit my 100th post last summer, and am creeping up on 200, and I'm so excited!
    I really enjoy blogging for two reasons...for one, it is a great outlet for me. I can put my thoughts down or look for advice on just about anything.
    Secondly, I just love "meeting" the new people out there! I love reading their stories. Here lately, since discovering so many junker/antiquing/decorating blogs I have been so inspired with new ideas!

  3. Denise Marie Congrats on your 100th post. I really enjoy your blog. I visit it quite frequently. I find you humorous and your blog is beautiful.
    Please enter me into your give away!!

  4. Congrats! What I like about blogging is all the wonderful people you get to meet that under regular cicumstanes you would not. Boys just don't get it no matter their size. Carol

  5. Hi Denise Marie, what a great idea to post about our blogging experiences. What I love is being able to share my craft creations with people, even though I don't know personally, but I feel very comfortable with, I guess it's because we all have so many things in common. Happy weekend! and congrats on your 100th post.

  6. Congratulations on your 100th anniversary!!
    Its so much fun meeting people in blogland. I am so happy I met you!

  7. Congrats on your 100th post...and what a sweet giveaway...I love blogging because it is a way to meet people like you...everyone is so warm and inviting to their is a fun way to share ideas, dreams, hopes and friendships...
    Have a Blessed day...
    Sweet Blessings...

  8. Hey Miss Denise! Long time, no talk to! Congrats on your 100 milestone. I think my favorite thing about blogging is simply that it makes me more AWARE of everything and it causes me to live life more purposefully. That probably sounds a little flaky but, oh well...

  9. Hi Denise Marie,
    Congrats on the 100th post. I have to say blogging has been a wonderful experience for me. I did not realize how many really nice and caring people I would meet. I did not know that you could make such a bond with people by writing. I can surely say that it has been a blessing and something I needed. I am so happy I have met you as well and you act of kindness
    (the cotton) meant more than you will ever know.
    Love and hugs,

  10. What a sweet post that was. How kind of you. You certainly have some awesome looking men there.

  11. hello denise,
    your background & banner are as sweet as can be! your attitude & sense of humor you express on your blog are a ray of sunshine. (o: i think it's cute that your boys think you've gone crazy here in blogland.... this past weekend was my first time joining in on the fun of pink saturday. my husband wondered why i needed on the computer so late on friday night.... you know, explaining 'pink saturday' to a husband who's practical and sensible (and definitely not into the 'fairy thing'!) is a little hard to do!! thanks so much for taking the time to visit my blog on saturday & leaving a comment. you mentioned that you just bought hot pink geraniums to set out -- i bet they look awesome & make you smile every time you see them! i like geraniums more & more all the time. congrats on your 100th post, denise, & have a wonderful day. (o:
    oh, and please put my name in for your fun giveaway -- thanks you!

  12. p.s. i forgot to mention how much i like the picture of your craft room, denise! (o: (o: (o:

  13. Great Giveaway! There are so many reasons I love blogging...It is nice to keep in touch with the outside world when you are a stay-at-home mom. I think it keeps me sane.

  14. Congratulations on your 100th post. I am right behind you...

  15. Congratulations on your 100th Post! Thank you for putting together such a lovely giveaway to celebrate. You've got a fantastic craft room!

    I use blogging as a motivator. I think I get more things done because I've got to have some material to post! Otherwise I can be a slowpoke about tackling things!


  16. Thanks for linking up at "Anti-Procrastination Tuesdays!" Congrats on your 100 post!
    I have to ditto Manuela-my blog helps me get things done!! Also, if anything I write happens to help another mom in her journey, then that makes blogging an absolute joy for me!
    Hope to see you next tuesday, thanks again for linking up!!

  17. Hip-hip Hooray for your 100th post! I know how that feels. :) I just hit my first anniversary at the end of February and I have to say that was a milestone for me. One of the reasons I love blogging is because I am a scrapbooker at heart (although you couldn't tell from reading my blog as I have yet posted anything on that subject, will be soon, though). My favorite blogging experience has been the organization part. I am so motivated to get my home cleaned up/organized every time I came across a wonderful idea from the blogland! I also have been following some blogs on their babies' life threatening stories. The stories made me cry and I don't even know them personally. I pray for the babies even though I don't know all the details, but God does.
    I want to read your blog today when my blog reading time comes. Thanks for sharing your happy day! :)

  18. Visiting from Anti-procrastination Tuesdays.. Congratulations on your 100th post :) Great way to celebrate!

  19. Congrats on your 100th post! I am still relatively new to this but it has been such a heartwarming journey so far!! I have met so many nice people and have gotten so many great craft and decorating ideas!! It is truly beyond words what blogging has done for me!

  20. Hi Denise Marie,
    My favorite thing about blogging has been meeting great people like you! Seriously, there are so many interesting and kind women (and some men, too!) out there who share the same interests and are so inspirational. I love the the sharing of thoughts and ideas. I really appreciate the support and encouragement I've gotten. It was like opening up a whole new world to me, and I wasn't expecting to enjoy it so much! Plus, I love being able to travel all over the world in a few minutes from my desk!
    Thanks so much for always stopping by and your lovely and kind (and funny!) comments. You brighten my day!
    Thanks for linking up today - have a good one.
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  21. Congratulations on your 100th post! It is a bit of a thrill isn't it. I feel much the same about blogging. It's a great source of inspiration but the thing I love most is the sense of community and the friendships.
    Happy St. Patrick's Day,

  22. Congrats on your 100th post, Denise! And I love your craft room, especially that big, beautiful white hutch! Looks like it would be pretty easy to get inspired in there. My favorite thing about blogging is meeting so many nice, supportive people, like yourself! Thank you so much for the chance to win your generous giveaway!
    Happy REDnesday!

  23. Such a lovely blog ~ and congratulations on the 100 posts! I'm new to this and have found such wonderful folks...such encouragement, kindness, assistance and tons of ideas shared. I look forward to more!

  24. Congratulations! I love the way you put this post together. Looove the craft room - any your new blog background is so pretty!

  25. Happy 100th post! I'm creeping up on my 100th too and am planning a giveaway as well. Blogging is just sooo much fun! What I love best is getting to 'meet' new people. There are so many creative bloggers that inspire me. It's my first time to your blog so I will have to stay a while. Happy blogging!

  26. Congrats on your 100th post !I love all the wonderful people you meet while blogging, being inspired by others & having a place to express myself .

  27. Congratulations on your 100th post!
    Besides the people you meet from blogging, I've learned to create a better blog and take better photos. The best thing however, is the inspiration one gets from so many lovely people
    to be a better person, look for more beauty in life and enjoy each day, one at a time.
    Need I say more?

  28. Hi, Congrats to you on your 100th post, Wow, how wonderful!
    For me I believe that I love blogging because I love meting people, looking through their blogs, finding beauty and love in others work, blogs, art, crafts, writings...
    I've actually spoke to a couple of my Blogland sisters and friends on the phone and we've made good friendships that without our blogs I wouldn't have been able to do.
    I love the fact that I can travel around the world and never leave my home but yet meet such a variety of different people from various places around our wonderful world!
    I love that I can laugh, talk to, feel what's in someone else heart through their blog, cry with them and feel their pain or be happy with them and feel their joys! Well, I could keep talking about why I love blogging but you need some more room for your comments. lol
    I just became a follower of yours, looking very forward to reading more of your blog! Also, very pleased to meet you! I love your craft room, very nice! Your Giveaway is fantastic! Please if you would be so kind to enter my name in your drawing. I also posted about your 100th Post Giveaway on my right hand side bar at my blog.
    Happy 1st Day of Spring! I hope your weekend is a wonderful one!

  29. Good for you, 100 posts. I have 3 blogs, one at 313 posts, one at 144, and one at 25. LOL.

    Please enter me in the drawing and come visit me at Decorating My Tin Shack, I'm having a give away,too.

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  30. I love the creativity and friendships developed while I have been blogging- it really is a wonderful experience- I just wish I had more time for it all!

  31. I love blogging because it's brought into my home and life the beauty and creativeness of women all over the world! What a unique time we live in! I too am having a giveaway only for this pink saturday weekend, so hop over and enter! Suzie

  32. Hi you cute darling thing! Congrats on your 100th ... amazing how our fingers have held up dont you think??

    I love the organization its brought into my life. Being single and empty nester-- there isnt much that MAKES me do much these days .. and know i need to post at a certain time helps me feel more on time and looking for things a bit differnt.

    I love reading others post and seeing how creative they are. Im inspired daily.

    I have one request from you!

    Every time i read your posts -- i hear in your words how blessed you are and happy... i HEAR your smile. HOWEVER -- your cute picture to the right of you blog is soooo serious. I challenge you to break out your camera and take a photo of you smiling... (but then mine is kinda serious too) hush claudia :)

    Biggest of congrats hugs!

  33. Happy Pink Saturday, Denise.

    I love your post. Thank you for sharing your smiles, and thank you for the chance to win.

  34. Thanks Denise for stopping by the blog. You have found some treats for a good pricey. I love your hutch in the craft room..what a great place to play.

  35. Denise, thank you for stopping by today. I see you have posted now over 100 posts. Congratulations. I so admire your craft room. If only I could have a room like that.

    Why do I love blogging? Because there is a world of wonderful people out there and this is one way to connect with and make new friends via the internet. I have met the dearest bloggers and I love experiencing all the new ideas, decorating, crafting, cooking, etc. Most of all sharing lives in a very special way.

    Have a wonderful day.
    Hugs, Jeanne


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