Jul 1, 2010

to move or not to move

Do we move to the highly sought after nicer neighborhood in front of ours and update this?  It is very dated inside but on a gorgeous cul-de-sac street and great curb appeal.  It has the pool and game-room we think we want.

Do we move to the neighborhood behind us that is so popular of an upgrade?  All our boys friends seem to live in this nicer neighborhood.  This one looked good until we saw that the gameroom was really for toddlers.  It backs into an elementary school field like ours does.  We are gonna give up a huge benefit of having a field behind our home to play baseball, golf, walk/job, and play with Jack Beagle.
Do we get a bigger home in our 35 year old neighborhood like this one?
Hubby is really enticed to get the boys a gameroom and us a little more elbow room after 16.5 years at Beagle Run Cottage.  I'm confident that the Lord will be gracious and instruct us what to do.  I love our home!!  We moved in as newly weds and have worked on every square inch of the property...top to bottom...back to front.

Very strange times in Houston folks.  Lots of Space Engineers getting their pink slips and putting their homes on the market.  I'm concerned for highly educated, God-fearing and hard working families that will have NO place to work and contribute to our society. 
xox, DeniseMarie


  1. Hi Denise we are moving July 26 to Bay Pointe. You must be looking in Bay Oaks, Our house is on the market. We are trusting God to sell it. Our home is so big. We live in Camino South, We have updated it and it just like a new house. The school is just around the corner.Maybe when we get settled we can meet up.

  2. it's a stressful and difficult decision, but when the whole family is involved, it makes decision making easier. Good luck!

  3. Lots to consider! I have family in Houston and I know it is rough there. I am in Atlanta and it is really awful here. No jobs!

  4. Hi Denise-
    I found your blog this morning.
    I am also a Texas blogger.
    It looks like you r choices of a new home are pretty amazing.
    Good luck-
    I am now a follower.
    Stop by if you have time-

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  5. Wow, those look like pretty good choices. Good luck with whatever your family decides. Have a wonderful weekend. Happy 4th!


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