Jul 14, 2010

Living Stuart Little

Well, here is what we did yesterday.  I thought I was taking an innocent trip to Petco..

Gerbel, Rat, Mouse, Ferrat, Hampster Land...

this is a Robo Hampster and Nate had his eye on him
Mom...I have to have him today...I love him!!

But...what is this I hear from the Petco Employee??

Adoption is an option??  2 lonely brother gerbels that got dropped off need a home and they come with nearly $100 worth of stuff?

2 cages, food, bedding, toys?

Sold...for $4/gerbel...grand total of $8 plus tax for a little fella that was ready to spend almost $100 to get all the bells and whistles.  He'd been crying, begging, praying and pleading for a few years now!!  He rushed right across the street to show his buddies that have 2 rats & 2 gerbels what he got.

Happy Day for lil fella

God is sooooo good to his children.  And, then later when I facebooked about it my dear prayer partner friend chimed back with those were our gerbels that we dropped off last week.  So, Nate has his buddy Elena's gerbels and she's happy he has them.  He better clean up after them or I may do the same thing.  lol

xox, DeniseMarie


  1. How fun...Your son can make them toys with stuff he finds around the house... like tunnels made from the centers of toilet paper rolls and papertowel rolls...what's the most that can happen? They can chew it and you didn't lose any money...it's amazing how overboard one can go at PetCo...spend a buck for a fish and buy $200 worth of equipment (he, he, he) You can tell I've been there - done that ;-)
    Enjoy your new additions to the family!

  2. p.s. just don't paint the cardboard rolls because the paints may be toxic ...same with plastic - don't use anything if you'r not sure if there's toxins in the paint - that's why they can charge for stuff like that at PetCo saying all parts are gerbil or hamster safe!

  3. I think that is amazing that you got your friends gerbils! I love it when kids get pets!

  4. We have a gerbil and they are tons of fun. We also have pet mice.

    Here's some money saving tips: shred your junk mail for bedding, use cardboard tp tubes and paper towel tubes for them to chew, empty mac and cheese boxes or cake mix boxes are fun to chew and hide in.

    With our experience, our gerbil doesn't consume these items but rather shreds them and thus makes more bedding in the cage.


  5. Oh my....there is just nothing like a happy boy, is there? My little grandson just got a guinea pig and is in heaven. :-) Bless his little heart.

    Sure, be my guest on the scripture verse... It's good to SHARE...especially when it's God's word, right?

    Have a wonderful day.

    Warm blessings,

  6. Oh, I can still smell that smell of their cages! ha!


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