Jul 28, 2010

Magic of Santa

Girls, my last post got my wheels a turning!  
You know how hard it is sometimes to get just the perfect gift for your beloved!! 
I got more intrigued about my momma's Christmas dishes.  She has proudly become our hostess on Christmas afternoons.  Ya'll know the drill...she has to blend the 2 families.  She and I got to thinking after this last dinner together that she needed more dishes and they are retired from 1996.  I had NO idea there was an aftermarket for them!  (even though I'm a dishie) So I got creative searching stuff out.           But, check this out... 

For Goodness Sakes...there is fabric in her Magic of Christmas Debbie Mumm pattern.
She and I are always buying fabrics to make napkins so she'll love this surprise.
She has 70 Debbie Mumm listings alone...WOW!

She has been serving gravy out of the saucepan...she'll love this lil $12 sweetie!

I had NO idea that there was this.  She can use for flowers or utensils ice bucket or whatever.  Wow, for $5 bucks...I can't go wrong.
She really needs more salad/dessert plates to go with the 8 new dinner plates I got to coordinate with this whole set.  I got the $1 red with white snowflakes (Dollar Tree) and have a bid in on 8 (exactly what we need to complete her set) of these.
Girls, I'm happy!! 

I'm full of Gratitude for 50% off sales!!

She'd never splurge or research this out like I have.  I get to give her a truly personal gift that she'll love and treasure and use every single year.  She'll be proud that I did this for her.

Should I splurge item...

3 tiered Tid-Bit server for her Dessert bar that she does so well.
$25 plus $15 shipping=$40 she'd be so shocked to see this!

Girls, I'm frugal but you gotta be willing sometimes to splurge for just the right items.  I didn't have to leave my bloggie seat to search all these pieces out and for 50% off...that covers shipping just fine. 

I think this is all gonna be wrapped up in a gorgeous 3 layer presentation for Grandparents day in September from my boys!

I refuse to pay Replacements.com prices right now.  Gotta love E-bay!!

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xox, DeniseMarie


  1. I am cracking up...I have that whold set...24 pieces of everything.I dooooo love mine!! And yes grab that 3 tiered thing..I start using my dishes Friday morning after Turkey day!! lol We use that for cheese..crackers..and deer sausage...cooookies..all kinds.....vegetables on it with dip...sandwiches....we just have fun!!I think what you are doing is great!!

    Hugs..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  2. Oh I love to find the perfect gift and something someone would not buy themselves!

  3. Denise what wonderful christmas china! It is so hard to find the perfect gift!

  4. These are so delightful! What wonderful deals. I would definitely grab the three tier as well so many opportunities to use it! Your Mom will be so excited, how sweet of you!
    Blessingsa, Jill

  5. You find the greatness treasure!!!!
    I know your Mom's going to feel so special...

  6. Denise,
    What great dishes!! And how smart you are to start shopping now!! I tell you, you need to start a separate Christmas blog!! LOL!!
    I just posted pics of my favorite Christmas Store. Please take a peek

  7. Looks like you found fun things that will make your Mom happy-enjoy!

  8. What a great find and what fun you will have surprising her. Definitely splurge, that tiered tray can be out all season!

  9. Cute dishes...what a nice surprise for your mother.

  10. Lucky, lucky you! How fun to find these treasures for you mom.

  11. Perfect gift for your Mom...so thoughtful and personal. In my family, we give nieces, goddaughter, etc. a placesetting of Christmas Tree Spode each year for Christmas. They probably won't get it while they're children, but when they entertain for their first Christmas, they'll be all set! Thank you for sharing your special finds. Cherry Kay

  12. A great find! Your Mom will love them!


  13. Oh my these are wonderful and so is your blog! I love Christmas and I love Houston as in... International quilt festival! How fun is it to meet you!

  14. Such wonderful gifts for your Mom !I love them all !

  15. What beautiful dishes and a special gift for your Mother. I am sure she will be thrilled. Blessings, Sherry

  16. It's so wonderful to find just what you're looking for. I take it your mom doesn't read your blog! So that's why my knee is slobbery! LOL!
    A big wet labby lick right back at ya!

  17. Isn't it delightful when you find that perfect gift! Won't your mom be pleased and you'll have a special smile this Christmas.

  18. What a great set. I have a very few Debbie Mumm Easter plates. YOur Mom must be very happy.

    - The Tablescaper

  19. Oh, Love it! Love it!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Have a good day!

  20. Yes, yes, YES! I do hope you splurged! Splurging is your reward for being frugal, correct?? And it's for your mama, for crying out loud! That doesn't even count as a splurge!


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