Jul 25, 2010

Christmas in July

I gotta do a Christmas in July post today because it is the 25th and we are more than 1/2 way there peeps.  lol  I see bloggies all over dreaming of Fall already and thinking of Pumpkins and Scarecrows.  I went to my friendly neighborhood Goodwill this week and drug the boys because I had brought them to see Robin Hood they could at least shop with me for 20 minutes while we were out.  Summers for me mean I can at least once or twice bring the boys to the Dollar Cinema and escape the heat a little.  Also, bargains for school clothes and holiday items that NO ONE else is thinking about.

I got the Precious Moment Angel for $5.40 for my Nativity Cabbage Patch Jesus baby.  He'll be watching over the baby this Christmas. I got my mom the red snowman plate with snowflakes to go with her set of dishes.  She has a Debbie Mum set of Santa that we haven't seen again out and about so I have gotten her as much of the Dollar Tree red plates with white snowflakes to make up the kids table and it coordinates well.  This will be perfect with it all. 

I got a brand new set of red napkin rings for my mom too for 50cents.  I got 3 Christmas pins.  Someone had their entire collection of jewelry and pins donated.

This Angel pin is my fav!
I still enjoy picking out a diff pin each time I step out during the Christmas season...doesn't everyone?

At my fav quilt shoppe I got these for 75% off recently.

Even the backs have great detail.  They were like 83 cents each.  I always think I'll do the boys a nautical tree up in their bathroom.  Or they'd be cute as tassels for fluffy white towels.

Debbie at Debbie Dabbles just started a A Debbie Dabble Christmas and got me stirred up.  lol

Edited to add that I may have found Mom's pattern on Replacements.com.  I am trying to get her all fixed up so I may have to get some pieces to surprise her. ;o) 

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xox, DeniseMarie


  1. Christmas in July! You found some great items...I don't even want to think about Christmas in July! Joni

  2. Denise Marie,
    What a great idea for next year...A Christmas in July!!! Thanks for suggesting it!!
    I love all of your Christmas treasures!!
    I am always on the look out for things I can use for Christmas!!
    Thanks so much for your shout out about both my Blogs!! I really appreciate it!!


  3. Hey Girl..I think I am always looking for that special..Christmas something..and it's always better when it is on sale..or practically free...lol

    I love the seashells..how yummy!! Did you stop by and visit yet...yes Fall is on my mind!!Wednesday..I have an announcement..I'm sure you will enjoy...talk to you then!!

    Stay cool..Cindy Rick-Rack and Gingham

  4. Yes, I already have Xmas CDs playing...lol...you got some wonderful items!

  5. I love Christmas in July and think that is one happy snowman plate, and I love the ornaments-enjoy!

  6. I like Christmas in July. I had a shop in Old Seabrook. It was great fun! I always had a big sale.I am always looking for pink ornaments and I love shiny.

  7. I have to admit, living in Colorado, that I love the warm days that we are fortunate enough to have...but it was kinda fun to pop over here and see some hints of Christmas! You found some cute stuff! Thanks for stopping by a dash of parsley!

  8. You got some great bargains! I don't want to think of Fall, let alone Christmas, but you've got to snag those bargains when you can!

    Thanks so much for coming and being a part of "Summer Sundays". Looking forward to having you back next Sunday!

    - The Tablescaper

  9. Thanks for coming by for a visit. I love Christmas, and you found some great bargains.
    Enjoy the rest of July-school starts in three weeks for me. ♥♫

  10. Great finds! I just love the red snowman plate - I have a thing for snowmen. :)

  11. You found some wonderful items to celebrate Christmas in July. It's nice to let my mind drift to a cooler time of year. Thank you for sharing your special finds. I appreciate your kind comments on my post. Cherry Kay

  12. I just finished the post for next Blue Monday. Be sure and stop by.

  13. Lovin' those "COOL" coastal ornaments...I have a coastal tree that I just love! Thanks for coming to my PARTAY...hope you are having a FUN time!


  14. Great finds. Thanks for the little bit of Christmas to put me in the mood.

  15. What wonderful Christmas items you found!! I cannot let myself think that far ahead right now.

  16. Hi!
    Just found your blog and wanted to say hi! Great finds you have on here! I agree start Christmas shopping early! I am a stay at home mom of two girls, if you get a chance stop by and say hi! I'm also a huge animal lover and I love the picture on your sidebar of your dog and cat laying near each other.LOL We have 3 dogs, 2 cats and some fish. Never a dull moment here.
    Blessings, Jill


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