Jun 27, 2010

Let's Play Ball

I am delighted to share that my lil guy got to play in his 1st ever All-Star baseball game last night.  He's watched big brother make the team for 4 years and finally this year he made his own team.

He got to wear his uniform and get his name called out to stand for the anthem and Little League player pledge.

He finally gets to have his name on a star on the special banner. 
He got a fantastic base-hit, played left field and even got to be 1st base coach!! 

I'm sooo proud and it is all about prayer, faith, hope and never giving up.

Happy Summer Sundays at The Tablescaper

Happy Rednesday at Sue Loves Cherries

xox, DeniseMarie


  1. Denise how exciting!!Praise God for answered prayers.

    girl I am at my parents in the middle of timbuktu.
    we are trying out a new sprint mi-5 for speed..I'm not to impressed..it took me 8 minutes to bring your blog up..and another 12 minutes for it to download pictures,,and now its letting me comment,,with that being said..if I don't respond the next 2 weeks to your blog..it's because of this..so lets talk thru our email..no pictures there..lol

    will be sending thru an email the address for the mailing of the aprons on Wed.

    hugs..frustrated me..Cindy

  2. Congrats to the new star! I knew he'd make it!...Christine

  3. How wonderful for all of you. Our boys played ball but they weren't very good. I was just telling someone how one of them was put out in right field and he was sitting out there singing to himself and daydreaming. Not his thing, I guess! Have a wonderful Sunday.

  4. Congratulations!!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful news with us.

    And thanks so much for joining "Summer Sundays". Hope you'll be joining us next week too!

    - The Tablescaper

  5. Congratulations to your son. I'm so happy for him and I know you are very proud of your son, Denise. You're teaching him well :-)

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