Jun 8, 2010

Please...Come In.

Thought you gals may enjoy seeing what hits ya the minute you step into Beagle Run Cottage.  I did buy my sconces and hung them and put battery candles into them.  I cleaned up the console top and can show it off now.

Keepin' it real for ya'll!! 
This is what happens when we are running around like crazy.  Can ya'll see that those boys feet are as big as mine now.  It is hard to tell who's is who's except for pink and flowers now!!  LOL!

Sconce Love!! 
What is it about the Acanthus leaf details.  Was it not enough that the frame and the wallpaper had the busy details.  I love that these anchor my picture.  A dear friend gave me the print and I love it.  It starts the bunny hunt right up at Beagle Run Cottage.  I got these out and hung them myself without hubby being involved.  Then I straightened up in here so I could take pictures for ya'll.

Looking at this print reminds me that I have a cabbage plate I could put up here to trade out with the Faith Hope Love piece.  You gals can see that my beloved console needs some love.  I'm soooo torn...do I paint it out or sand and re-stain.  Hubby loves the burled details.  If money was hanging on a tree out back I'd pay someone to make me a marble top!!  I like to trade out the fabric runners from season to season.  Looks like I should take away the spring bird theme and do something different for Summer.
I even decorated the air return and thermostat across from the console.  I got the watercolor dogwood piece from Mother In Laws neighbor because Hubby proposed on the dogwood trail 17 years ago.  Even the frame looks like dogwood blossoms.  And, I love those hair pin trays I found a few years ago antiquing locally.

Hope you enjoyed my tour of the front entry.  I'm blessed to have a nice little entry room to my home.  I'll do some more straightening so I can show off more.

xox, DeniseMarie

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  1. Oh I love bunnies and dogwoods. It looks great!!

    I just put some metal pails at the doors for the shoes..I am sick of them stacking up!

    Hugs..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  2. Hi Denise,,
    Love you wall color~! I am so glad i came to visit and see all your pretty decor. Now I'm going right to my LR and decorate around my dang thermostat.. Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring me to make my world prettier..

    Happy Thoughts

  3. Denise it all looks beautiful! I love the sign and the gorgeous pice of furniture. Lovely job!

    Blessings, ~Melissa :)

  4. Oh, those black shoes to the right -- I cannot take my eyes from them long enough to give the console a good look...lol...

  5. Great job on all your accessories they are very lovely.

    The shoes are funny.

    I am a new follower.

  6. Oh I love that gorgeous chest and your vignette is just wonderful. The sconces are lovely and I totally ADORE that bunny print. It is fabulous. Everything looks wonderful. Stunning vignette and entry. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  7. Love your decor and especially the colors of your walls, my color! I love your vignette, your rabbit is adorable and so is the birdhouse! I love the entire look!

    I am happy I found my way to your blog, I joined in at Marty's party too!


  8. Hi Denise! You are the winner in my blog giveaway! Email me with your address so I can send out your journal!!


  9. It looks wonderful! I love layers of pattern! I just sent and email too. I've misplaced your address that I had saved so I will need it again to send your giveaway box. It's all ready to go once I get the address! The perils of clutter...

  10. love the wall paper and the sconces are beautiful!!!

  11. Your console is beautiful. The bunny print is cute and classic.

  12. Oh, I love the sweet bunny print and all your accesories, love your sconces too!

  13. Your sconces are beautiful. Everything looks so nice together.

  14. Hi Denise! Nice entryway! My cottage doesn't have one. It is tough trying to decide what to do with a worn piece of furniture. I know, we have a few pieces waiting in the barn!

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