Jun 3, 2010

Almost Summer

Here's the kitchen window box. 
It would flower more if I'd get out in the terrible heat and humidity to feed it and not just water it.  I added the lil kitty in the background and a Mary Engelbreit tag (We have been friends together in sunshine and in shade).  Please show your pretty face again purple lantana.  You cannot neglect watering even for 1 day in Texas heat or you'll lose your beloved flora.  Right under here is a water spicket that leaks a drip constantly into my 2 gallon watering bucket so I can water on my way to the car. lol
I'm totally lovin' my Beautiful Window Box!

I know, I know...this is a thru my front window shot while waiting to pick up 5 of those gorgeous kiddos!!  Jr. High is a crazy time to get us moms ready for High School.  I hope this boy doesn't torture me all summer with those snotty looks and defiant quips!!  Were it not for the freckle face...man!!  I know there is a tremendous amount of love under that terrible attitude.  So...us moms keep rockin' it out, right?

I love the flags flying proudly. 
As I'm typing this I realize ya'lls flag polls may proudly display a different state flag that would look funny to me.  lol  Holly at Banner Haus just shared that we are a republic so we can fly our flag under the U.S. flag..maybe ya'll can't...hummmmm.

Summertime Joys...it's a beautiful thing!! 
1/2 day and that's it..

xox, DeniseMarie


  1. I love that flag...oh yeah I too am a Texan!!!!

    I have found the their yuck-i-ness to us is sometimes because of the pressure that they are in at school.

    For guys at this age..it is unreal..do you like girls..do you like a girl..have you had sex..hey how big are you..locker room crap that would just bury us now..but it is part of their everyday life pressure. They need to know there is a world outside of High school. That in God's world we wait for sex..that we don't have to show off our body parts..that God is there watching..and He knows how strong we are..and He will give us strength. I know you think..why are they acting out towards me...right...well it has been proven that they do..because deep down they are mad at us for not protecting them from this lifestyle.Whatttt...did we know..no because they didn't talk to us....lolThe chances of this freckle face boy telling you any of this will be a shocker..but I will bet my years of counseling youth..that is exactly what is happening..and if he's smart..lookout..here comes the geek jokes. High School is cruel..no doubt about it...but you have all summer to build him up in God's strength..in knowledge to get him thru next year..and I will be praying for him!!!!!My cutie patootie son..is now 23..He use to always kiss me goodbye in Jr high down..then High school hit...even homeschooling him the attitude set in..I have struggled to keep that relationship...I know it is working..he calls me first with good or bad news..he is actually getting girl advice from me now. He took me out to lunch the week of Mothers day..and said..mom I remember when you use to take me out to eat. AWWWWW
    So you hang in there!!! You are a strong mom..a mom who puts God in her life..a mom who loves her boys..and her husband!! Do I know you personaly..no..but I can read and all those things are written in your words..so yeah..I feel like I know you!!!lol

    Hugs...Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  2. Yup, summer for me starts officially Saturday morning! I'll be on my way to NC -- home of me and Billy Graham! -- then VA, back to NC, and then home long enough to get my hair done, some laundry done, repack, and head back out to OH to see St. Michael's family. So . . . I will see your sweet face in July! XOXO!

    Grins and clutches,

  3. Tomorrow's the last day for us. No summer school this year. They're starting school in the middle of August here and the summer just flies by if the kids do 4-6 weeks of summer school. We're going to swim all day and while they're chillin' I'm going through this house from top to bottom!

    Hope you're feeling better.

  4. Now you know we Texans can fly our Texas flags even with the US flag. I don't, but we can. Due to being a REPUBLIC. I fly my flag every day.

  5. I love window boxes with flowers in them - it reminds me of the alps where the chalets (or cottages) all have Begonias in their window boxes...

    Yes, school's out pretty soon ... I always kind of dreaded that time. It's so difficult keeping your kids entertained and out of trouble, especialy if you're working and don't have time - or money - to take a lot of vacations...I wish you all a very happy and pleasant summer vacation in advance!

  6. Just love that sweet window box!!


  7. Denise..gentle reminder Kitchie swap is due in the mail by the 10th. Let me know when you get yours. Hugs Cindy

  8. Hey Cute DM :)
    Thanks so much for joining with us this week at Friday Finding Beauty... and yes you captured what I feel. Its every where we take the time to look and capture.

    Enjoy your summer... the best of the best times I remember were my summers with my kids.

    Take lots of picutres.



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