Jun 23, 2010

Uncle Sam Nutcracker

My lil guy loves Nutcrackers so how could I resist this?
He looks like Uncle Sam. lol

...which led to this at my front door.

basket: goodwill $1
red star balloon weight: Dollar Tree $1
red fluff: resale shop 25cents
red, white, blue flowers: Dollar Tree $1
star picks: Hobby Lobby 1/2 price
Nutcracker: JoAnn's Fabric 40% off
BestBuy bag: free
I've been collecting the star stuff for my baseball all-stars too.  I like to make a big deal of it while they are sweatin' their hearts out every single  evening until the tournaments.

I am incredibly Grateful for the freedoms that we've been privileged to have in our country!!

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xox, DeniseMarie-Bloomin


  1. Cccutttee. I think it make me want to come visit you!! I wished we lived closer!!:-(


  2. What a great welcomer to your home. Star studded for the holiday, just love it.

  3. Cute! I wish I had one outside my front door!

  4. That nutcracker is so cute! Love you decorations!

  5. Wow, his striped pants make his legs look so muscular! LOL! It always seems like the 4th of July sneaks up on me! Is it so close already?

  6. Bless all of you parents who sit out there in the heat and cheer on your all-stars!
    I absolutely love your red, white and blue vignette there are on porch, and especially the nutcracker!
    Happy REDnesday!

  7. denise marie, this is so nice!!
    I like it!!

  8. Love your Nutcracker, you create a lovely centerpiece for your home!


  9. Ahh, looky here....I love it! He's so very patriotic!

  10. Denise, what a great arrangement - you found all the perfect items!

  11. Hi DeniseMarie!
    That is such a patriotic and fun arrangement. A perfect welcome at your front door. Now my flag hanging from the arbor looks plain and boring. I'll have to step it up a little!!
    Thanks so much for linking to Wednesday Gratitude!
    I hope you're having a great week.
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  12. What cute addition to your entry. It's so inviting.


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