May 14, 2010

Happy B-day Bouquet

My dear friend's daughter had her 16th birthday last week so I whipped something up for her.

Gathering the goods..She is a girlie girl!!

Remembered to stuff a few thick pieces of packing paper down in the long shaft and added remnants of that $1 Stroe plant styrofoam.  It has to be grounded real tight to hold your skewers.  I got the awesome container at Kroger's grocer after Valentine's Day clearance knowing I'd use it for her.

Wow...could not believe how well I was able to get the stakes down into the container.  I LOVE cool Easter basket fluff so I buy all I can when it comes out.  Stuffed some pink fluff into the top so you can not see the guts.

the building of the beast.  Her mom told me some favorite candy and who wouldn't want some of those $1 girlie sock footies?  She loves zebra and has black and hot pink in her room.

it just takes a little finesse to check the sides and back and make sure it passes the test.
I pop dotted some pastel kisses all over too.

Socks, head gear, candy...Oh My!!
She loved it!!

This is her and I together at the baseball opening day.
Her lil brother is best buddies with my eldest.

xox, DeniseMarie


  1. So clever and cute. I would love that and I'm far from Sweet 16!!

  2. How sweet of you!! And what a great idea - I just love how all that came together - it looks fab. The pink Easter fluff is great.

  3. What a cute idea!! I love it. Your so creative!!
    How's the Kitchie stuff coming? I need to shop next week..whoo hoo. Have you seen my latest thing? If not come by and visit.

    Have a great weekend!! Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  4. Great job! My birthday is in January, I'll let you know!

  5. What a great job you did! I had no doubt that she would love this nice arrangement you made for her. Great job ;-)

  6. You have such a talent!!! What a beautiful and thoughtful gift creation!!!

  7. Hey, that's a fantastic arrangement you made! I'm sure she just loved it! I also like what you did with your dishtowel, too!

  8. Thank You for stopping by. That was a cute idea with the mug. Have a good day...

  9. Love the sweet goody gift your created, thank you for sharing,,Hope you come by and visit

  10. Your daughter is lovely, Happy birthday to her! Your creation is fantastic, I am sure she loved it!...Christine

  11. Cute birthday gift! I'm sure it was a hit!

  12. that's really cute, love the colors you used. The container is really cute and you got it on scored.


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