May 1, 2010

Garden art

Well, I got out and worked and toiled to fix a backyard area this week.  My In-laws are in from North Carolina to watch the boys play baseball so I wanted the backyard patio to be pleasant.
I started with an item from Goodwill that I thought the boys would want to lug baseball out the back gate with.  But, it must be missing something so I get to keep it for my garden art.  It is really suppose to be a tennis ball holder.
Ok, so here it is with the lid open and ready for my Easter plant to be placed in it..
Very nice!!
Now, on to my door..Here it is all broken up...
I got a Mandevilla vine to have it trail up on the door.  I've had this door and maybe would have never been inspired to do more for it without blogland.
1 more attempt to put the pieces back with hammer, nails and elbow grease.  I dug a hole right in the middle.  Hubby did a nice brace and stake for the door when we 1st put it out here.  Yes...he thought I was crazy draggin' a door home that I paid $20 for and wanted for garden art alone. ;-}
This is the ready mode...
Well, that's all...I gotta pace myself in the humidity!!

I'm taggin' in:

xox, DeniseMarie


  1. Oh, I love that door - it's so rustic looking. Very unusual too! It's nice to be able to decorate out of doors, isn't it? You did a geat job :-)

  2. Denise..wasn't the humidity bad really wears me down fast!! I am adopted..I found my birth mom 3 yrs ago..I ask her if I had been kept ..what would my name of been..Gail love the door..good choice!!

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  3. That is one great door, and it looks so nice out there, but it's going to look amazing when the mandevilla takes over! Please show pictures of it's progress throughout the summer, ok?
    Happy Sunday!

  4. Oh my, I remember HUMIDITY...!!! It's like a NIGHTMARE! You poor ol' East Texans just swim in it, while we out West enjoy our constant stinkin' dust baths!!!

    Love that door...

  5. that door is dreamy! My husband would have freaked if I brought it home! I see you're in Clear Lake - I went to high school in Dickinson! Thanks for visiting my page this weekend! -diane

  6. OMG!!!!
    I am totally loving that door transformation!!
    It looks wonderful!

  7. That door is just gorgeous. Really clever.

  8. that door is to die for, can't wait to see it once the vine grows, hope you share! Thanks for linking up to "AP tuesdays" at New Nostalgia! Hope to see you again tomorrow!


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