May 20, 2010

Beagle's Run

Here he is, Jack Beagle...checking his turf.
He has to make the rounds of the whole turf each time he goes out.  This is the back of the garage and garden shed which hides our mulch pile.  He loves when I go into the garden.  He gets in there and sniffs around for varmits.
If you let your beagle out to check his turf...
He'll have to come back in and lay on the cool tile floor.
Ahhhhh, that's better!

A House with 2 Cats

xox, DeniseMarie


  1. Gizzy used to pick a tile floor to lay his tummy on during the summer but thankfully I don't have wall to wall carpet anymore and it's all vinyl flooring that looks like wood and it's so much easier to keep clean when you have pets that occasionally have an accident!

    Have a lovely day and scratch Jack behind the ears for me ;-)

  2. Jack is a cutie..I might have to include him in one of my stories..may I?

    Hugs girl..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  3. He's too cute!! Have a great Thursday.

  4. He is absolutely adorable! I have always had a fond place in my heart for beagles. I had a friend in elementary school who had one whose name was Beagle. Beagle had many adventures with us, and he had a three-story dog house. I can remember crawling through that in a little starched Sunday, Swiss batiste dress and getting into trouble with my mother. LOL! Beagle ended up tail-less in an encounter with a car, but it never stopped him! ;-)



  5. What a cute dog! I love him. My dogs love to go outside and chase the ball or sniff around to see who or what has been in the yard. Then they roll around in the grass like they have lost their minds.


  6. Aw, Jack is so cute! We used to have a beagle named Frankie.

  7. Jack is adorable! I have 5 dogs and a grand-dog, but no beagles. I also have a "Jack", who is an Australian Shepherd mix. Love the name of your blog!

  8. What a cutie! My pups love a cool floor, too. :)


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