May 11, 2010

Elizabeth B. Ellis "Lib"

I got my Sprite bottle thru the mail from Mary Beth at Live.Laugh.Make Something
I bet none of you gals thought you could send a 2 liter bottle thru the mail. lol
Look at the paper she used.  Right up my alley.  I love pink and love snowmen.  Mary Beth's mom, Lib, loved Christmas so she wrapped my bottle in this paper.  Cute!!

It's a lot of fun trying to get into a bottle that has been locked up tight to get thru the mail.  lol

All the loot!!  let's learn about Lib..
She was born April 8, 1918 and passed on Dec 19, 1988.
She had Cancer so that is why I get 1 of the precious Cupcake for the Cure that Mary Beth made. 
She was a "Pink Lady" at the nursing home for years and volunteered at her church.

I think I get the gorgeous pink pin because she obviously loved pink and was voted best dressed in high school (as was Mary Beth and her daughter) is that cool or what.  The lady had class and knew how to pass it on!!

I got the lil Christmas ornament because Lib loved Christmas.  My mother-in-law is from Georgia where my bottle came from and she has made me some kinda similar ornaments before.
Lib was a fantastic cook like my Mother in Law so I got a whole pack of cute cherry recipe cards.
She loved "sneekers" and juicy fruit gum.  And, Mary Beth remembered to put her seed packet in before closing everything up.  I got Morning Glories.  Lib planted 3 fav's each Spring.
Mary Beth lives in her mamma's home still...isn't that cool!!

Ladies...enjoy the lingerings of Spring...Summers' A comin' soon!

xox, DeniseMarie


  1. How sweet a post! Love meeting Lib!! This was a fun swap! Morning Glories, what a wonderful flower!

  2. How adorable. No, I didn't know you could send a 2-liter bottle through the mail. I don't think my post office here would take it. What fun contents - so sentimental and sweet.

    Summer came here already - it's always early here in Southern GA - I've been having to use the AC for quite some time. I'm not ready for another looooooong, lingering summer.

  3. What a sweet post! I had no idea you could mail a soda bottle - you learn something new everyday. LOL What fun!

  4. Wasn't this the greatest fun. I really enjoyed trying to fit everything in the bottle for my partner. I love all yours especially the altered art in the angel.

  5. Denise, thank you so much for your visit today.. when I first got the serger I too took some time just to thread it...but, I love using it when I need finished edges! Good luck to you and your Mom! let me go read your blog!


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