Feb 19, 2010

Winter Cloche

I'm seeing all of ya'lls amazing cloche displays
and still no magic here...I'm still trying though.
Here's the 1st use of a jar my mom gave me for Christmas.

I got the SweeT tag off of a packaging label and the ribbon at Dollar Tree
and the hearts from JoAnns Fabric.
This is a message in a bottle from a dear friend...cute idea.
Cheese dome from a resale shop purchase on top of a William Sonoma clearance
pastry plate filled with cotton from Mowfield Plantation (In laws farm)
I begged her to send me some and she was curious as to what
I wanted to do with it. 

The best for last....my dreams of an Easter Tablescape.
My ruffly hearts that match the ruffled salad plates.
This is a HUGE cloche from North Carolina furninture market when we got our
couch set on the way to the farm several yrs ago. (another shameless beg)
Hubby bought me the dishes when we were antiquing on the
Eastern Shore that match these salad plates.

Can you believe that we found them.  Can't wait to put it all together.
He was in disbelief that we came across yet another
set of dishes that I could not leave at the store. : ) 

Cloche & Pink Love, DeniseMarie

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  1. Love the cotton on your cheese plate find !! Very adorable !

  2. Oh I just love your bottles. The one with the hearts is just too cute an idea and the message in a bottle is such a precious and thoughtfully cute gift. Love it. The cotton brought back such sweet memories. My parents use to raise cotton on their farm about a million years ago. I still have some of that cotton. Now as for the dishes, I am most certainly drooling. They are just wonderful with the ruffled edges. I can't wait to see the tablescape you do. Thanks so much for joining the cloche party. This is so much fun. Hugs, Marty

  3. All very adorable !

  4. LOVE the one with cotton and your bottles are too cute! Lezlee

  5. My hubby knows I cannot leave dishes at the store...the cotton is a cute idea...I have some also....like that idea!

  6. I love the cotton cloche. What a clever idea to use fresh cotton as decor, it works perfectly. I wish I had a farm around here to buy some like that.

    Carey from Chicory Nits

  7. Oh I love the cotton balls! So darling!!
    smiles, alice

  8. Lovely things you put together, Denise. I love the pink heart bowls inside the cloche. That must be some big cloche!...Christine

  9. Such lovely things. I mentioned you on my pink saturday post today.

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  10. The sweet raggedy Ann doll brings back such memories. I loved my Raggedy Ann when I was a child. I wish I still had her. Your heart shaped bowls are so pretty. Everything tastes better in pink. Have a great week. Terri

  11. Love the cloche with cotton. Wonderful pink dishes.

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  12. The the cotton balls in the cloche! And oh, those heart dishes are just so sweet!!

  13. Such beauty~ (pppst .. next week link to our FFB Friday finding Beauty) you are a stellar example.

    Big hugs

  14. all of these are wonderful! the cotton is something i'm partial to because it still amazes me what can be done with something growing from the ground! thanks for sharing your ideas.

  15. Such pretties! Thank you for sharing.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  16. I absolutely love the cotton under the cloche...very clever and original! Happy (late) pink Saturday.

  17. Hi Denise Marie:
    Of all the beautiful things on this post, I have to say I love the cotton balls the most. I've longed to have some in my very own hands. When we've driven from FL to VA in the fall, I always see fields of them and wish we could stop so I could purloin just a handful. Lucky that your in-laws have a whole farm of cotton!


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