Feb 12, 2010

Special deliveries

Look at this luscious Fed Ex delivery!!
Look at the beautiful box it came in.  Please note the Instructions on the box.

This is the 1st layer of loveliness when you open the box.  An Icee pack with their logo pillowed to keep the treasures cold.  Peel that away...
gorgeous box and the note to find out that Hubby had master-planned the whole thing last week.  He'd been hearing about this company on Sean Hannity's talk radio show.  His love note let me know my love is  sweeter than berries, even choc covered ones.

Beautiful dozen...the scrumptious smell...the choices...
Bunny Knave says that was the funnest delivery all Valentine's season. 
Look at her on her Hare-ly Davidson scooter...
They have beautiful, big bunches of tulips at Kroger's grocery for $10.
This is a white candle that I glued tissue onto.  The glittery candlestick is after Christmas clearance at Hancock's fabric.  Can be used for 4th of July too. 
Here is a postcard.  I adore finding these out scaveging in shops.  I get to look thru boxes of them in old Texas towns and in Virginia Eastern Shore antique shops each summer.  Same place I find these old floral frogs that we all adore.  Kitchen sink loveliness.
This sweet little box comes out each Val.  I found a pic of my 12 yr old when he was 2. xox~!
very Mary Engelbreit lookin...
I have fun every Val making gifts for teachers, prayer partners, neighbors, carpool kids...
I ordered $1 set of val from Christianbook.com with scripture on it.
This is for the girls on our street that play with Nate, they all get a card, pencil and ring pop.  It is sitting right by the front door for this weekend when they are all running up and down the street and ringing my bell to scooter with Nate.  Never underestimate the kids in your life!!  When I was really sick last year 2 of the 2nd graders made a song for me (impromptu) and sang it to me and made a poster letting me know that I was gonna be ok, It was a gift from God for sure!!
Love this postcard.
1 of my many Precious Moments statues.  This is above my head at the computer armoir.

My girlfriend from high school made this and sent it 1 Val...really cute...message in a bottle.

I'll leave you with this.  Next door buddies.  This was shot a few summers ago while they were eating rainbow pops.  Love struck.

I totally missed the 1st Val party I promised to post for a tea party on the 8th and missed it.  I have been posting random Val all month.  Here's the big party we've all been looking forward to... 

xox, DeniseMarie 


  1. WOW! You're already loaded up for Valentine's Day. You've got one special husband, that's for sure. Have a great day!

  2. So many Valentine lovelies! You are so ready and your hubby is one sweet guy, definitely a keeper!...Christine

  3. How sweet of you to take the time to make the gifts for everyone! The strawberries look fabulous. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. You are a very lucky girl. I would love to open a fedex package like yours. Yummm...
    Lots of fun Valentine's goodies you have.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment.

  5. Oh my, isn't your hubby the sweetest? Those chocolate covered strawberries look so yummy. And I like all the other Val stuff you shared. The message in the bottle is just such a cute idea. And thanks for visiting my blog & leaving me a comment.

  6. Oh my. That is some serious Valentine sweetness! Lucky girl. Have you eaten any? Were they delicious?

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog, I get to Houston to visit the hubs family and saw the snow in early December! Happy Valentines!!

  8. Oh my that box of goodies really looks yummy. What a wonderful surprise for you. I hope your Valentine weekend is fabulous!

  9. what a lovely valentine from your hubby!! the instructions are hilarious! thanks for visiting my blog!
    happy valentines!

  10. I'd much rather have a box of strawberries like that than some chocolates! I'm sure they're delicious!


  11. What a sweet treat! Love truly lives in the details.

    Happy hearts day!

  12. Hey, my hubby watches Hannity too. I wonder if I'll get lucky. Those look delicious! He done good! Happy LOVE Day! Joan

  13. I've heard of those strawberris but had never seen them before. They sure do look great!

    I just made about 75 chocolate dipped strawberries two days ago. I gave some to my sisters, some to the neighbors and the rest went to my great niece's class room.

    Nothing is better then chocolate dipped strawberries. Enjoy yours!


  14. The strawberries look delish ! You have lots of Valentine lovelies !
    Happy Valentine' Day !

  15. What a wonderful Valentine collection you have! Looks like love blooms at your house.


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