Feb 11, 2010

Dinner last night

We lit up the candles and ate in the dining room last night.
I found a cupid's arrow I made for a Valentine's banquet a few years ago so I set it in front of Hubby's place.  This was a simple craft with paper towel roll insert, pretty paper and a wire coat hanger.
I was rushed to suprise hubby before he walked in so me and my youngest son filled the little nibble plate with candy and chocolate cookies (Keebler).  I adore these heart shaped bowls from Michael's for $1.29.
We used our wedding day napkins.  cuteness
set in front of the 7th graders place

It was fun to see Hubby's face when we told him we were eating in the dining room and he saw that we had set it all up.  We usually have to eat deli sandwiches on the way to baseball practice.  It was so wonderful to sit together and really talk about what is going on in our daily lives.

He must have really loved our effort because I just got a Fed Ex delivery and he ordered me a Shari's Berries 12 dipped strawberries.  He heard about it on the radio. lol  Gorgeous...I'll show ya'll later.  The meaning of 12 (a dozen roses/strawberries) I read somewhere here in blog land is I'm thinking of you 12 months a year.  Awwww! 

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xox, DeniseMarie


  1. Denise this is beautiful! Aren't the red heart bowls so fun? Love them! :)

  2. Love your tablescape! It's whimsical and romantic all in one!

  3. That's sweet! Your bowls are so pretty..Yes, show the berries..heard about them on Sean H's radio show...They sounded wonderful!

  4. Love those bowls -- nothing like red hearts for Valentine's!

  5. What a sweet hubby, Denise! And you were so sweet to surprise him with a dinner in that beautifully set table...Christine

  6. Mmmmmm, chocolate covered strawberries. How sweet is your guy? Nice table, love the bowls.

  7. Your post was so sweet, I love the cute pink heart bowls, so cute..I would love some of those strawberries, they are suppose to be just delicious...I am a new follower of yours and I will be back again...keep up the tablescapes, they are fun...Phyllis

  8. How special that you had a dinner in the dining room on a school night. Your table looks so pretty! Your husband sounds like a truly thoughtful man.

  9. Good for you for taking the time to make it so special! They say kids who sit down with their families at the dinner table succeed in life much better than those whose parents don't take the time.
    Your table is beautiful & we have the same ♥ dishes. :D :D

  10. Dang, I love Sean Hannity, but "Husband" is not into him! Love your tablescape and I saw the package delivered in a more recent post. Your husband is a sweetie pie! Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

  11. Sweet table...what a nice treat to eat in the dining room...we are always running around here too.


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