Feb 15, 2010


I heard there is snow in 49 states. 
It never snows in Hawaii.

Brrrrrr...All the kids are walking around with the sniffles here in Houston. 
Ya'll gotta know we are not use to this winter stuff.
All the birdies are trying to find food and comfort.

Let me show you somewhere that it was not cold at all on Friday...
Naters Valentine's class party.  I melted the minute I hit the blast of
87 degree air in that room...yuk, but the LOVE took over. 
Can ya'll see what I discovered on Nate? 
He took scissors to his bangs and butchered them.lol
What's a Mom to do?
check out the stash of goods!!
They were bartering with each other to make trades. lol
Spring will break thru soon and I wanted to show ya'll
 my 1st ever Give-Away:

She is very sweet!!  I love her and know you will too..not a stitch of blue on her.
BlogLand inspires me to decorate my home with love and I'm already dreamin' of Spring
and nests and bunnies.

Just leave a comment and I'll add it to yesterdays names and Nate will pick from a
baseball hat full of names on Feb 17...Do a random act of kindness and tell me about it
if you want to have your name in again.

xox, DeniseMarie

Checking in with Smiling Sally today for Blue Monday


  1. Your son's haircut is not as bad as some I've seen. Fortunately, today's "style" is messy, so he fits right in! Happy Blue Monday!

  2. LOL, Nate is so funny. My kids used to do that and all you can do is laugh about it. I love that bunny, so cute!!...Christine

  3. It's not too bad. You should see what I can do to mine!

  4. I read there was snow on the mountain peaks in Hawaii so doesn't that make it all 50 states? :) Happy Blue Monday

  5. It seems all kids at one time or another try to cut their own hair .lol It looks fine.Please enter me in the drawing for the very cute Spring Bunny.


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