Feb 26, 2010

B-day girl & turtles

Well, I'm older, wiser and happier this week!
Look what my guys got me for my b-day!!
This wagon dumps its load with a pull of a lever.
Hubby filled a garden tote with a bunch of tools too.
Won't I be rockin' the garden?
Think they'll be any help?
They will be on the baseball fields all Spring.
They are cute though, huh.
The Lord helped Hubby come up with this
awesome gift idea.  He's an Engineer girls and he was
out of inspiration so he looked on line and my
category was domestic diva.
That title alone would be gift enough for me!!
Isn't this sassy? 
I got it at Krogers after the Val tent was gone.
I'll either fill it with fruit or flowers.  I may be gifting it to
a dear friend's 15 yr old daughter for her March b-day.
Look what her and her daddy got me while mom was
away at work and couldn't help...
Never discount the effect you have on kids in your life!!
Just gorgeous!!
And this. 
Carpool buddy (7th grade boy) handed me when he
got in my car on my birthday!
It made everything better too!
I pray for him and his school.
I am finally working in my craft room again.
A silent auction item for Spring Fling at the Elementary.
We are terrapins and I lead the prayer group.
  Moms In Touch logo is a pink heart
with 2 moms praying. 
I wanted to offer brochures to advertise us. 
Some lucky bidder will get a terrapin statue
and a glass terrapin necklace.  Fun!
And, hopefully we'll get a mom to join our group.
MIT goal is to have a praying group for every school!

 I use a can of spray adhesive to get my papers onto
recycled containers like coffee cans & drink holders
I give gifts in these drink holders too.
I guess it is a perk of bringing carpool to Sonic. 
They have 4 spot and 2 spot holders.
I use them to hold supplies for diff projects too.
I had to cut the 2nd compartment off of this 1.
It came out pretty didn't it?
I surprise myself sometimes when craft diva strikes.

I used pink easter fluff from $ Tree at the bottom.
It isn't like plastic wrap it is like shredded table cloth
and it comes 3 colors to a package, love it.

And lastly...
This is 1 of the Anne Fannie free tags she threw
into my order for a thank you.
Check her out:

I got to add it to a shower gift with some kinda fluff
that I recycled from flowers to use as tissue.
I gave a journal with her new name to be and 2 sets
of cards I made...I'm back!

Please come with me to see what else is
Pink Saturday with Beverly at
How Sweet the Sound.

xox, DeniseMarie


  1. Hi Denise Marie,

    Happy,happy birthday. I hope you had a great one and I wish you many more. I received the cotton yesterday. I loved the packaging. I took pictures and will be posting about it soon.

    Love and hugs,

  2. Happy Birthday! And Happy Pink Saturday, too. :)

  3. What a great pile of loot you got for your birthday! =)
    Hope it was all around the greatest ever!!


    barbara jean

  4. Your hubby is one thoughtful guy! Ah, gardening...baseball...I can't wait for spring!


  5. Well, Denise, it looks like you had a very lovely birthday filled with love and family! Happy Pink Saturday to you and Happy Birthday too!


  6. What a great birthday you had! How blessed you are to be so loved!

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  7. Happy Birthday! I just love your little gardening wagon, so cute!!!

  8. Happy Birthday! You are so loved how fabulous...Grace

  9. Happy,happy Birthday! Thank you for your nice comments on my first Pink Saturday post!

  10. Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Belated Birthday, Denise! Ohh I love the wagon and your flowers are so beautiful! You got so many wonderful things! Everyone is bursting with pride! Looks like you had a wonderful day!


  11. Happy Birthday to you ♫
    Happy Birthday to you ♪
    Happy Birthday dear Denise Marie ♬
    Happy Birthday to you ♩

    It looks as if you've been properly spoiled.

  12. Denise Marie-Happy birthday! What a cute bunch of "boys" you have! The wagon was a wonderful idea! I agree with you. We never know the impact we may be making on someone's life! So glad you had a good birthday and thank you for visiting me!

  13. Happy Birthday and Happy Pink Saturday!

  14. I'm so glad you had a wonderful Birthday! Your gifts were very nice.

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  16. Hi! Nice to meet ya! Hope you had a wonderful birthday! ~~ Sure does look like you did! We have a lot in common, "Bloom" in our blog title, the middle name Marie, engineer husbands, and gardening. Have a great day...& I will be back! :-)

  17. Happy Birthday Denise!! You sure got some gorgeous loot there!

  18. Happy Belated Birthday ;-)
    Looks like it was a wonderful one. I celebrated my 65th on the 23rd of February so I'm a Pisces too! Thanks for your visit last week to Small Reflections. It's been a busy weekend so I'm playing catch up this morning before I leave for my Adult School class. I love your 'brazen kitty' sleeping in the dog's bed and the wonderful pitcher you found. The flowers look lovely in it! I notice you participate in Pink Saturday ... I do that at my Happily Retired Gal site at WordPress and wonder if I'd visited you before with that link. Anyway, I love your blog and look forward to returning as time permits. Hope you're having a wonderful week.
    Hugs and blessings,


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