Dec 28, 2010

Blessings abound

I'm changing my blog decor& banner a little.
And we've been playing at the new house too.  We found a fitting table for the breakfast nook.  It was meant to be here.  Also, my Mom loved her 3 tiered desert tray (we put it together & used it here) that we gave to her for Christmas.  She could not believe such a treasure existed to match her Santa dish set.  It was great fun watching her open all 3 special serving pieces.  She got the tiered, a gravy boat & utensil pot.

Mom & I used a Paula Deen recipe to spruce up our Christmas spiral ham.  It was basically whole cloves and pineapple & cherries all added to make it pretty and sweet tasting.  I found the recipe on Food Network site.  Of course, we glazed it too. 

Jack Beagle had fun playing with my brother's bulldog pup...Moose!  My brother spent $1,800 for this dog!!  We outfitted our entire man-cave game room for that kind of money..that is another story for another blogging day!

My buddy that gave us the nutcracker giant suprised us and popped in on Christmas night.

It is feeling more and more like home here at Beagle Run Way!!
I wish you all a Happy New Year too!

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  1. Yowza...the dog is awful cute but that pricetag hurts. I know for AKC dogs this isn't unheard of so whatever makes people happy.

    I'll take a slice of that ham please. hehe

  2. I love your new banner. That money spent on that dog would have saved so many at a shelter. But, I am sure that chubby puppy is well loved.
    Glad you are getting settled.

  3. Well the blog looks good and so does your new table! Happy New Year!

  4. I bet that ham was delicious! And I hope that expensive dog was able to clean up after Christmas dinner and wash the dishes too!
    Happy REDnesday and Happy New Year!

  5. Wonderful new table ! Beautiful new home !Great Christmas Pics !You are Blessed !
    Happy new Year !
    PS Very sweet banner

  6. I like the new look...and the new table.
    Happy New Year.
    Mama Bear


Be blessed! You make my life more full of JOY!