Dec 15, 2010

Happy Dec. 15th

Physical limitations are hard to respect. 
Neurological processing challenges are unexpected when they hit.. 
But, Thank you, Lord, for Blogging. JOY
At least you can feel like you've gotten out for a moment to share your world.
This is our lil scene in the front yard.  The boys are playing football everyday so I am limited on how much yard they'll allow me to use. lol

An angel, a baby Jesus (my cabbage patch kid from when I was 18) and a cow my G'ma sent from Massachusetts a decade ago. 

I love to sneak out really early am and early again pm to put the spotlight on as peeps are coming and going to work.

Look what I spied out my son's bedroom window the other day too.  Had to share with the Rednesday crowd.  Wonder what she bought..maybe a whole bedroom suite...maybe a chaise lounge or buffet for her dining room.  I didn't see what happened after they drove up.  I just thought it was a cool sighting.

Happy Rednesday!! with Sue Loves Cherries


  1. I love your little Christmas nativity out in your yard...Your sons would NOT like our front yard at is COVERED with Christmas...let's say just like the Griswold's Christmas and Deck the Hall's..LOL.

    Perfect Rednesday pic you took..LOVED it!!

  2. A sweet little Christmas nativity!

    Whatever that Macy's truck delivered, I'm sure it was beautiful!

    Wishing you a quick recovery and that you will be feeling better real soon.

  3. I like the angel in your yard catch with the Macy truck...Honey Bear received a package in the post today..I didn't look at the return address...don't want to spoil the surprise...I just took it to his office and left it...I heard him tell someone last weekend that he had two items coming that he'd shopped for online.
    Hope you're better soon.
    Mama Bear


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