Dec 16, 2010

Food gifts

I love to give food gifts.  It takes a lot of organization the way I do it and I can't do it all the way I plan it in my head!!  :)
This was the 1st time I've done pretzel rods. 
It was a blast!! 
I found the pretzel bags and candy melts at JoAnn's fabric and the pretzel tub at BigLot.
Jingle all the way, Baby!!  DeniseMarie


  1. I like to give good gifts too...most of my fruit cake is for gifts.
    Mama Bear

  2. Who doesn't like food? Great idea to do it yourself. It tastes better homemade and is probably a bit less expensive too.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Those look so yummy ! I love getting food gifts LOL

  4. that is so nice of you. It looks time consuming but they sure look good.

    Happy Holidays, may you have a blessed holiday season.


Be blessed! You make my life more full of JOY!