Aug 19, 2010

Vent hood cabinet again!

None of you peeps that get'r done in days will believe that I waited over 1.5 yrs. for hubby to do something about our gaping hole above the stove.  Yes, for some reason we have this gorgeous new kitchen and bead board ceiling and stopped at not trimming out the cabinets and building our dream vent hood cabinet as a special piece.  I even had a designer (only $60 for the consultation) come in to our home and give us designer paint color decisions.  He chose our accent red color and kitchen only Butternut color. 

Progress...I got him to put a cleat into the wall for the new cabinet.

We primed and painted our hearts out in the Texas heat...

And, hung it up to cure while we ran to the farm for a week.

What do ya'll think?  We havent hung the 3 doors that need to go on because I really want it to cure solid and have no sticky cabinets.  I've waited this long why rush it??

I can't believe we conceived of this kitchen together.  I tell ya...we may not want a bigger home for the boys with the dated and yucky fixtures we are finding in the kitchens we are seeing out there.

xox, DeniseMarie


  1. You are busy with that kitchen. Looks great. I wanted to let you know that I am mailing your Fall Kitchy things today. Hope you like what I picked out. Hoping you can use them up til Thanksgiginv. (((((HUGS))))

  2. Looks great! Enjoy!

  3. It's looking really great!


  4. We have projects that stretch out like that too! After a while you get so used to it you start to forget you're not done yet! It must be hard thinking about moving after putting so much of yourselves into the home.

  5. Wonderful piece sweetie! Worth the wait I'd say.

    Do not feel too bad about waiting for that. My husband tore up our shower 5 years ago!! It is still not fixed. I put up a closet rod and hanging clothes in the shower now. At least it serves some function now, and good thing we have two little bathrooms! =)

    blessings and hugs
    barbara jean

  6. Totally awesome! Thanks so much! Your newest follower of course!



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