Aug 6, 2010

Jack Beagle

It's Hound Dog Thursday with Cindy at A House with 2Cats

I get to share my newest shot of Jack Beagle.   lol

Jake put his dinosaur toy under his paw and he let it sit there while he kept resting.

I spotted a new meme this Friday am too..

Bella is allowing us to show our babies off looks like once a month on the 1st Friday of each month.  What a great meme.  I gotta show the shots I just took of Sonic kitty this week too.

He has taken over our wing back chair.  He'll lay there even if there is a pile of laundry waiting for us to put in a drawer.  He just curls up beside whatever is in the chair. 

This is Jack Beagle's spot next to me while I'm blogging.  This lil patch of wood floor is his cool patch.
It's too hot outside...for sure.

Show your pet love at these 2 memes today.
Have a happy Weekend!

xox, DeniseMarie


  1. Your Jack is just the cutest with his little toy! I love that your Sonic has taken over the wing chair - my Nick likes to take over the couch. :) Thanks SO MUCH for joining in and for spreading the word by posting the button! You are so sweet! I am sorry you had problems linking in. Next time I'll just use the plain Linky, with no photos. BUT I was able to link you in this time, so your post has been added to the others. :) Thanks so much for participating and have a lovely weekend!

  2. You've got some real sweeties!

  3. we just got a beagle named Belle and she is now five months old. I do love and care for her a lot. She is pretty wild. But I love her. Have a great day. Stopping by from Bella's party..

  4. Awww! Jack is so sweet! I love the way he is holding is toy. Sonic has taken over the chair!

  5. Ahhh....your fur babies melt my heart. I'll have to remember to share this meme.

  6. Sweet little animals! They are so cute!
    I'm with you about beadboard..I think I would put it everywhere, given the chance! I also like the board and batten, but beadboard is still my all time fave. :) I was gonna do the board and batten in my living room, but I'm leaving towards the picture frame square wainscotting on the bottom half with a chair rail. I want to build a window seat too...that's gonna be a big ol project so it might be a while! :)
    Have a great weekend!

  7. Jack is absolutly adorable!! I have 2 beagles myself- couldn't own anything else now (maybe a bassett) :o)

    Ah- and I stumbled by your blog by Bubblegum and Duct Tape, through Mod Podge Rocks!


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