Aug 4, 2010

Pretty packages 2

The incredible hostess of this party is The Blackberry Vine .  She has a copy from her awesome Mother-in-Love at Entertaining Women of this book that I would love to own. 
It is such a beautiful book that it inspired a Meme! 
I believe I've flipped thru it while relaxing at Barnes & Noble that happens to be in the same shopping strip as my Massage Envy.  ; }  I'm preparing a shower gift so I'm gonna tag in again.

I made this special lil matchbook album for a baby boy coming soon.  I've embellished a set of 6 cards to go with it to complete my gift.  Now, how to gift it at the shower?  I started with a pop-tart box and cut the top flaps off.  I've finally run out of baby boy gift bags but never to worry.

This is a scrap of wrapping paper I used for my baseball boys.  Ya'll know the pieces you should just throw away because it is so much trouble keeping the lil scraps.

Here are the cards I whipped up for Logan's Mom to use for thank you or progress report cards. lol

This precious ribbon came from Dawn at Cottage State of Mind when she sent me her blog-a-versary gift.  It is perfect for securing the set of notecards.

I nestled them nicely down into the box and used white tissue to coddle them.
I used scraps to make the card and taped it onto the front.
Can't wait to see pics of this sweet lil boy coming soon.

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xox, DeniseMarie


  1. So glad you came by for a visit. You're a talented gal, Denise Marie! You create some cute things- I'm not real crafty, myself...
    I love that hood that will be going into your kitchen- can't wait to see the finished product. I see you were a recipient of Dawn's giveaway, as well. I hope to meet her in person one day- she lives about an hour away from where my son was living last year. His things are still in storage there, and we have to make a trip out to get them. She is a genuinely nice person! Have a great rest of the week. Nice to meet ya.
    ~ Sue

  2. Again, you amaze me. How do you find time? Let me know when you head this way! I'll clear a path to the front door so I can greet you properly! LOL! The big declutter, get organized campaing of summer 2010 got derailed. Two more weeks till the kids go back to school and I'll try again!

  3. Your cards are too cute! This is a great gift. And the wrapping paper looks fantastic on the box!

  4. I swear you could take 2 pieces of tape, a bit of string, and a bubblegum wrapper and make something beautiful out of it!!!

  5. Hi Denise Marie! Thank you so much for coming over to my blog and leaving such a sweet comment! I love your blog and look forward to getting to know you better here in BlogLand!

  6. Denise your cards are awesome! What a creative person you are, you amaze me.

  7. Hi Denise, you are so sweet to make this for the mommy. They turned out too cute. I love the idea of using a box and decorating it, you don't have to buy anything. Very cute cards. by the way, I just saw my link on your side bar, THANK YOU!!!

    You are right, we have a lot in common, there's so many things we both like. Specially making things for others to enjoy. Hope your having a wonderful day!

  8. This looks wonderful! What a great job you did!

  9. Thanks for the blog shout-out! This is another super cute idea! I really appreciate you sharing it at the party!

  10. You're so creative! Love them all!

    Eddie & Jaithan

  11. The cards are great. What a wonderful way to reuse a poptart box. Very creative! Thanks for stopping by earlier. :)


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