Apr 4, 2010

Monday fun day

Oh...this piece got my heart right off. 
I went to a wonderful local consignment shop that is like a designer home store.  I try not to go more than 1 or 2 times a year.  This will be really neat used with my olden set of Blue Onion ~ Japan plates, as a centerpiece.  If any of you ever comes to H~town...I'll take you to this place.

blue ceramic love! 
I adore the cut work details.  It was 20% off $4...so $3.20

Something else I adore...

Warms my heart every single time the neighborhood ends up at our basketball hoop.
I admit..I want them to stay out there and not all end up tromping all in my kitchen for their snack and lemonade.  Only 2 of them belong to me...why do I have to give 7 of them a snack?
Whatever you say, Lord...yes...I'll do it.

xox, DeniseMarie

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  1. Hi, Denise Marie...Thanks for the sweet comment! That blue is really pretty, and it's definitely priced right!

  2. What a pretty bowl! $3.20? You can't beat that!

  3. LOl I remember the days when I didn't know where all those kids came from LOL sweet post!

  4. Oh, Denisemarie, I'd sure beg you to take me to that thrift shop. That cut work blue and white dish is darling, and the price is amazing! Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday.

  5. The bowl is just perfect. I see this pattern showing up in a lot of pieces.

  6. great find..what a deal! Whatever you say, Lord...yes...I'll do it.

    amen girl..I get like that too but than I'm so thankful THEY are here..with my children and I know they are safe and sound.

  7. wow what a great buy...and so cheap..lucky gal...

  8. I miss hearing kids play outside. Our neighborhoods for the past 20 years, no matter where I live, are like ghost towns! No dribbling, no skating, no kids out! So different from where I grew up!

  9. That bowl is gorgeous! Enjoy those boys!

  10. Great find on that pretty blue bowl, I adore blue china, especially at that price! Thanks for stopping by peppertowne.com

  11. What a beautiful bowl! Look at that craftmanship! Happy Spring Denise!

  12. Very beautiful & such a great find !

  13. beautiful blue bowl, denise! great find. (o:
    not only will the neighborhood boys always remember the welcoming atmosphere in your home (even when they're grown), but your own boys really love to show them how proud they are you (tho' it's unspoken!) (o:
    in my case, i've just got to remember to have lots of fun food on hand -- i usually end up making a grocery store run at the last minute! (o: i enjoyed your post, denise.

  14. I love that china! that's a good bargain! Lucky you!


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