Apr 20, 2010

3 planter buddies

My precious lamb planter..all time fav!!
Got him antiquing in Galveston, TX several yrs ago.

Is this guy cute or what??  love him!!
Do ya'll think he's a beagle...I hope he's a beagle.  lol
Or he could be a bassett or weenie dog??
Got him junkin' in Friendswood, TX
Baseball boys got a hold of him, dangit. 
Nothing is very safe in my backyard.
 I had gotten him last Spring break at a fun Texas shopping spree in bluebonnet country.  He sure ran a close 2nd for fav.  The quality of him and the cute face.  I sunk him deep into a planter like all froggies and toads like to be.  

I love planters because they are affordable art.  Each one is unique.  fun!!
And, I planted the lamb..I didn't put it off..he got a cute flower this Spring.
Maybe I'll use 1 to make a candy bouquet soon.

Look girls..I used my brain and put the gardening gloves to use that my hubby got me in February for my b-day.  It kept me from lots of splinters and muck..don't they look well used?  lol

BLOOM...you wonderful girls!!

xox, DeniseMarie

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  1. Love the cute pots. Have a blessed day, Vicky

  2. Keep that froggie, just put him coming out of some plant or something, his face is just too adorable!

    You mean ol' East Texans hog all the good junkin' and us West Texans end up with NADA. Hmph.

    P.S. That thang ain't a beagle hon, it's ears is all wrong.

  3. That planter looks very beagle-ish to me! And you picked the perfect flower to plant in your lamb planter. I love alyssum! It's so dainty, and sometimes it'll reseed itself for me in the garden!

  4. What a sweet post!! Love your lambies "wool", great idea! Your planters are just too cute! Froggie has such a innocent face, I bet he's a doll peeking up thru the flowers :)
    Thanks so much for following me!!

  5. I just got me new gloves for my birthday on Saturday and I'm SO loving them. I had none, and was planning on buying new ones,,but surprise, my girlfriend gave me beautiful bright yellow ones! Loved the pics.

  6. I agree - the froggy's face is too cute. I love planters too and your gardening gloves sure have come in handy.

    Have a wonderful day,
    Doris :-)

  7. These are sooo cute! I've been doing some planting myself - stop by and see if you get a chance. And I think that's a Beagle. :)

  8. cute...i never thing to plant in anything other than a boring ol' pot!
    Thanks for linking up to "AP Tuesdays!" @ New Nostalgia

  9. Hello Denise,

    The planters are precious! I love finding these treasures at the thrift stores. ♥

    I'm visiting for Three or More Tuesday..would love to have you drop by when you have a chance.

    Have a wonderful day...

    Stephanie ♥

  10. Wish I also could find planters in a thrifty stores. Your find are so pretty like the doggie. Happy weekdays!


  11. Too cute!! I love the doggy one the most, I am such a HUGE dog person!! Love these!!


    Meet Virginia!
    Meet Virginia!
    Meet Virginia!

  12. Love all your cute planters. I was in your neck of the woods visiting my Mom in March and did some junkin in Friendswood myself! Thanks for visiting me and leaving a nice comment.

    Linda @ A La Carte

  13. What a fun collection. They're all so cute. Too bad about the frog but boys will be boys! It will still look nice tucked in with some plants. I need new gloves too. Mine always disapear. I thind the dogs have a hidden stash somewhere!


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