Apr 7, 2010

Bunny Hop Swap Reveal

I got paired up with a wonderful mom in Tennessee for a swap..Erin.  I signed up to do 2 swaps and both my packages came at the same time. lol
look...Erin used some of that awesome packing tape that I drool over but won't allow myself because I got a huge lot of packing tape at Sam's club and can find NO reasonable excuse to own more.  lol
What a fun way to pack a box.  She also used almost a whole sheet of pink paper to do the address label...very clever girl.
As soon as I opened the box I was so nervous that I had to sit down and take deep breathes.  I mean...this was my 1st swap.  This is me trying to overcome my anxiety...I'm so scared that I didn't do good enough.  Look...she figured out how to send an entire basket all wrapped up.  I was not that clever.
Would you look at how fabulous the ribbon is that she used on the packaging?

She put together such a cute basket!!  It was full of so many cute things. 

I immediately put it all to work.  I used the lil wire birdie at my backdoor with my fav birdhose.  I ate the lemon cookies while wrapping bunny gift baskets last week, I hid some of the chocolate for myself.  I gave 2 dear friends some of her most beautifully packaged candy.  There are 2 ornaments that are adorable.  There is a tube of watermelon bath flakes.  I was so thankful to have her artistically wrapped candy to give when a dear friend popped in and I wanted her to leave with a Spring treat after heavy discussions.  It is hard being a mom sometimes...thank goodness for the Lord, blog buddies and friends that see us in the day to day.   

Erin, I gave a dear friend's 15 year old daughter, Dakota, your lil M&M jar and it broke the ice for me to be asked by her to teach her how to scrapbook and embellish things with scrapbook tape.  This was a meaningful moment!  thanks for such a beautiful basket of treasures.  She got the basket and bath flakes.  Ya'll know I hid the Lindor's spring chocolates and won't let anyone have the matchbook eggs.   

See what I did with the basket for Dakota that needed a blessing.
She's a basketball player so I got her a chocolate bunny with a basketball for like $2.80 at Big Lots.
I filled it with scrapbook stuff so she knows I'll come over and spend time with her soon.

Now...very scared to show ya'll.
This is what I sent Erin...
I used my love tissue because I don't have girls and no cute springy tissues.  I used my blessing ribbon and anointed her package and prayed for her precious family.
embellished tin with her name on it with mini office supplies inside...for her purse or book bag.  Some candy for her and her children (4 monkeys).  A pack of tissues for the ballfield.  I think of her every time I use mine at the field.  some stuffed eggs , a Mom's prayer book...

I found a cute animal eraser that I hope 1 of her girls will like.  She had blogged about cute shaped erasers... 

fingernail polish, mini clipboards to use for gift tags or to embellish something.  The big gift is at the very bottom and I didn't get a shot of it all by itself.  Raspberry bath mousse and lotion to overcome a Tennessee winter and feel springy fresh.

I can only hope Erin liked her swap experience and I must swap again.  I gotta prove to myself it is ok to put yourself out there.  Glad to have a new blogging friend in Tennessee. 
xox, DeniseMarie


  1. What a fabulously fun thing to do! (And of course you gave away half your goodies to others because you're just like that! You LOVE to spread the blessings!)

    And, Girl! I LOVE the new header and look of your blog! Absolutely love, love, love it!

    XO! Pamm

  2. What great baskets! I'm so glad that you participated and had a great time!

  3. What a banner day for you, getting 2 boxes of treats at one time! Lots of cute loot there :)

  4. Wow that basket is beautiful! You are so sweet to give so much away - I was thinking of sharing my bunny hop treats with my friends daughter - I know she would enjoy some of it.

    My basket I sent was mostly full of candy - I wish I had given more non-edible things, seeing everyone's definitely inspires me for next year or future swaps for other events!

  5. What fun, fun, fun! You got some great items...this is a cute idea indeed!

    Thank you SO much for blogging about my giveaway and for visiting!

    Have a great day!

  6. Gosh I just love swaps, they're like Christmas ;)


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