Apr 8, 2010

Bunny Swap Buddy

Girls, I've been told by many friends that I should be in swaps because I love to craft so much.  But...I've seen some swap mammas in action and it is intimidating.  I'm crafty but not nearly as creative as many peeps.
I participated in 2 Easter swaps this season and loved every minute of it.  Both of my packages arrived on the same day.  lol~! This is my 2nd swap ever.
 It was a happy day.

1 peek inside and I was squealing with delight.  I wanted to just stare at the pretty tissue.  Every item was individually wrapped.  I'm constantly surrounded by boys, ya'll...this thrills me. 

OMG!!  She made me a bunny!! 
OMG...I love her so much.  I had sent her a yard of fun Spring/Easter fabric and she used it on her dress.  Yes, she shocked me.  My heart was beating fast and I was feeling woozie about looking at more. 
I got a cute new kitchen towel, a bag of foil chocolate eggs, a carmel apple jar candle, gorgeous spring ribbon and a boy bunny statuette.  Fun, fun, fun!!  I've had a blast using every bit of that ribbon this Spring.  I'm saving the candle and enjoying the boy bunny in my kitchen.  I think the foil chocolate eggs are multiplying because I kept using them and they kept being there.  lol

Look at her belly button...cuteness!!

This is what went to Virginia to Tammy...
I used my blessing ribbon.  I anointed her box and prayed for her precious family.
I sent her a kitchen towel too (lol), a fabric bunny (great minds think alike), and the yard of fabric.  I think she knows what she is doing in the sewing room and was so honored that she used my fabric and made me a bunny.  I did not make my bunny like she made hers. 

I stuffed as much candy as I could fit and a key~chain project she could give 1 of her kids.
I kinda fashioned a tussie~mussie with scrapbook paper.  I'd like to do a tussie~mussie swap.

Fun, fun, fun...glad I got over my anxiety and went for it.  Gotta keep doing it to prove that it is ok to put myself out there and I get to meet new peeps, try new things, see other peeps talent.  I love that Tammy is in Virginia and could actually meet her passing thru North Carolina trips.  

Overcoming Anxiety is a beautiful thing!! 

xox, DeniseMarie

If you feel brave about swapping and dare to join in..sneak peek:


  1. Gosh, how fun! I think you BOTH sure got cute stuff!!!

  2. Yes I agree with Holly you did both score on this swap. I am so glad you played and the name of the game is to make new friends. Hugs, Mollye

  3. all so cute and sweet!

    Just sayin' hi.


    barbara jean

  4. Oh you make me laugh so much! Your swaps were fantastic and very creative - but my favorite part was your blessing ribbons and prayers! I am so glad I have gotten to know you through blog world - I just love your site and the things you are doing! I would really love to get into your next swapping adventure - I used to do a lot of scrapbooking swapping!
    <>< Concetta

  5. This was a fun swap. Looks like you sent and recieved some great things.

  6. Hi Denise Marie, The bunnies are so sweet... what a fun swap!
    Have a great weekend!

  7. Thanks so much for sharing your lovlies!

    :) such fun!

    Thanks always for brightening my day and stopping by with us On FFB :)


  8. Wonderful basket of goodies! Thanks for sharing and Happy Pink Saturday to you.

  9. Denise, both swap gifts are wonderful - horray for you!

  10. Hi Denise just found your blog through the bunny swap..what wonderful gifts and such talent..I am interested in your annointing the ribbon for blessings..sounds wonderful..prayers are always appreciated..
    come stop by my blog and say hi when you get a chance.
    PS I am also the mom of sons..and I love girly things too

  11. Denise, I am such a ditz..you have already visited my blog, you LEFT a comment, duh..my brains are fried, I guess.


    PS feel free to visit anytime!

  12. Happy Pink Saturday, Denise! Love the whimsical bunny with all the goodies! Love the sweet bunny with the pretty fabric! The swap looks like loads of fun!

    Have a lovely "pink" weekend!


  13. Sorry I'm so late in answering you - just got in from Florida.

    Thanks for your comment.

    Hey looks like you gave and received some very nice things! Love the bunnies.


  14. I love the swap idea! Your bunnies are SOOOOOO cute!If you get a chance stop by http://shabbychictreasures.blogspot.com
    I am giving away a free teapot for the month of April!


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