Jan 5, 2010

Silver Aluminum Pom-Pom tree

I absolutely love this tree.  This will be my last post about it until it comes out again. 
My Mother-In-Law gave it to me several years ago and my youngest begs for it.

We get it out every 2 or 3 years.  You have to build it up 1 branch at a time very delicately.  People love these or hate them.  I even bid for a table top e-bay tree $40 but didn't get it.  And, an extra bundle of 50 branches that was going for $20 to build another 1...missed both.  These can go upwards of $370..wow!

It came with a rotating stand that has never worked for us but look at our spinning light.  We love the blue when it hits the tree.  I only used snowmen and nutcracker ornaments.  See upstairs our newest addition wants to pounce it so I never got out my blown glass ornaments.  I can be smart sometimes. : )

I also enjoyed using my G'ma's afghan as a tree skirt extension.  Everything felt so vintage this Christmas.
What is it in us that loves vintage?  For me it isn't about G'ma's kitchen...I just love the stuff.

Here's the retro box for your psychadelic veiwing pleasure. lol

1 branch at a time these go back into their paper sleeves until they come out to play after Nate begging for a year or 2.  I'd love to get to the place where I could do 2-4 trees thru-out the house but it is a pipe dream.
I'm plugging in to 2nd Time around Tuesday with Diane and 

                          Vintage Thingy Thursday with the Colorado Lady.


  1. Love that tree and just think it looks great with the afghan.

  2. I like your tree, very pretty. That is so nice that you used your Grandmother's afghan. Memories are made more special that way.

  3. I love the tree! My mom and dad had one just like it when they first married (I've seen it in pictures). Oh how I wish they would have kept it...for me!

  4. I so want one of those trees. You are a lucky girl to have such a big one!! It is gorgeous!!

  5. Love your tree, and would love to have one. Thanks for stopping by. Hope we talk soon.

  6. Oh, I love that tree! They are so hard to find and very expensive when you do. Lucky you to have one! Thank you for stopping by junkblossoms. I hope you'll visit often.

  7. Your tree looks nice. I didn't realize you had to put them together one branch at a time. A lot of plastic trees were like that too.

  8. Wow, it really is a big production to put that beautiful tree up! No wonder it doesn't come out every year. Love Grandma's afghan as a tree skirt too, but you knew that! Love the picture of the kitty ready to pounce too!
    Happy VTT!

  9. I REMEMBER these from the late 60's and early '70's. They were all the rage for a while.

    There is a house I know, I only know the house not the people in it, where they FILL their closed in front porch with these - - - like 20 of them - - - and have all those light wheels going at once. It is pretty cool.

  10. Wow what a very cool tree. Love the color wheel too.


  11. My mil had a tree like this,color wheel and all.I always thought she decorated it so pretty, but I've no clue whatever happened to it. I like yours and I specially like the granny square afghan. Ooo,the work that went into that. Happy VTT, have a wonderful weekend.

  12. I love those vintage silver trees! Thank you for sharing!

    I would beg for it every year!

  13. The silver trees are awesome. I remember my neighbor having one in the 70's. Hated it then...wish I had it now!

  14. Love it, I had mine out this year too, and really enjoyed it! My kids really don't care for it, so I put up a green tree too, but love my silver tree. Happy VTT!


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