Jan 4, 2010

Happy Bloopers Monday

Hubby had to take like 12 shots to get a good 1 for the Christmas card mail-outs.  Here are some bloopers.  I thought ya'll would like this shot because Jack's tail is wagging.    Look how dressed up they got, oh well.  Old funky white and blue baseball shirt?  Such a 12 yr old. lol

The dog looks terrified that the cat will pounce any second.

The dog is like, "All right already!" Yawn  The cat looks scary.

 The cat is like, "I'm coming for you next if you don't stop with the pictures." hahahahaha

There is my aluminum pom-pom tree in the background that MIL gave me.   Happy Monday

I'm posting in to Man Cat Monday with Cindy and Blue Monday with Smiling Sally


  1. You caught the wagging tail really nice...the cat is getting feisty already...your boys are good looking guys no need to dressed up they don't like it you know how teens are ^_^. Thanks for sharing.

    MYM/BM:Christmas gifts

  2. Cute post! Don't you know you're asking for trouble when you get two boys, a cat and a dog together? Treasure those photos. You can torture the guys by showing them to their firat girlfriends...

  3. Uh...that would be FIRST girlfriends! Duh.

  4. Your outtakes might just be more telling than the shot you choose. Happy New Year and Happy Blue Monday.

  5. What fun! You'll all have a giggle about this in years to come. Have a great Blue Monday and enjoy the year to come. May 2010 bring you health, happiness and prosperity.

  6. I think outtakes can be better! I love that your cat really looks like he is giving the evil eye at the pup. The boys look great.

  7. Well I have to say I think the dog sort of has to take the blame for most of the shots! (Cute as he is!!) Too funny! All the best to yo and your family for a great 2010! Sherri : )

  8. Warm wishes for a wonderful 2010!
    May 2010 bring you health, happiness and prosperity.
    Karin //


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