Jan 31, 2010

A Birthday & happy hearts

I'm a Raggedy Ann doll in a Barbie doll world.  I saw that on a blog this week on a cute button. lol 

I brought these 2 to the shower and set them up on the Hostess' park bench at her front door to greet
the guests as they arrived.  Now, they sit on my entry console...I'll show the full table top next time. 
Andy was hubby's childhood toy...vintage/2nd time around usage?! And, my M-I-L had Ann made for me to match with him.  Look at her "tattoo'd heart"...  
Is that the sweetest touch...the lady stitched I love you on her heart?  You can kinda spy it under her blush pink blouse. I got kinda choked up and had to call MIL and thank her for gifting this to me several years ago as I was setting them up.  She always thinks of the coolest ways to gift something.
My next door neighbor/buddy/prayer partner with Mom's In Touch has a Jan. 31st birthday.  I had fun putting this together for her.  I sent off those baby gifts without getting pics for ya'll so I got a few of her gift before handing it over.  My friend has been so strong during her several month kitchen reno--I had to get
her something for the new kitchen.  Apparently, this 3 pc crock set goes with an entire set of gorgeous kitchen ware but I stole this for $3 at some random Home shopping network outlet while driving home from a trip.  The 3rd piece is a crock hot pad. I have 1 just like it with blue highlights.
I used my Blessings blue ribbon to wrap and secure the entire package.  I always wrap up the gift, say a prayer and annoint the ribbon and ask the Lord to bless my beloved.
  See the little handles?  I was able to hold it there to carry it over and present it to her. 
I shredded a piece of scrapbook paper in the paper shredder .  I needed the cushion to protect the breakables from bumpin'.  There is a Paula Deen candle nestled in the crock.  Did ya'll know that Paula Deen has an entire series of candles with kitchen inspired fragrance?  This is 7 minute frosting and I got this scent 1/2 price after Christmas at Krogers grocery.  It is a 2 wick.  I tucked 3 Raspberry chocolate hearts in for good measure too.  Her 1st grader spied it immediately and begged for 1. 

Next week I'm gonna show you my 1st give-away package to celebrate being at the over 50 follower mark.  I'll highlight the 2 that I've won here right before the lost camera and Christmas season...stay tuned.

I'm dippin' in to several parties again so I feel like I'm getting back going again with my blogging:

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I hope you'll go join the fun at these inspiring and uplifting blogs.  xoxDeniseMarie


  1. Love your little cuties. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I haven't heard from you in a while. Happy New Year! xo Joan

  2. I love those rag dolls. I love Paula Deen's cookware but did not know about the candles.


  3. You must be a great neighbor! I love the ribbon and I love the smell of Paula's candles too. Have a Happy Blue Monday.

  4. Sweet post! And I have a weakness for Raggedy Anne; I've had mine since I got my tonsils out when I was 7, and that was a LONG time ago! She sits with Raggedly Andy on top of my husband's highboy in our bedroom, dirty face and all. She looks, and is, well loved, and what more could a doll ask for?

  5. Oh, these dolls are so beautiful. I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog for Cottage Mondays. I hope you have a wonderful week.

  6. A raggedy ann doll was my daughter's favorite and it has a lot of wear. My daughter is in her 30's now. I still have the doll and need to pass it on to her. Thanks for sharing...
    Cindy at Lakewood

  7. Love the RAggedy! I have one in my closet right now (well...actually it was my sisters, but I guess she told mom she didn't want it...so I got it a long time ago when my own girl was little)
    By the way, you are a VERY sweet neighbor. All girls should have one like you. So thoughtful. :-) have a great day

  8. Oh, I LOVE your little Ann and Andy!! Very sweet! As for Paula's candles.. I have never tried them, but will have to watch for them, to try them! Happy Rednesday! ~tina

  9. I love The raggedy Ann & Andy! Your gift is so sweet & thoughtful.I love this way you wrapped it .

  10. Raggedy Ann and Andy are so sweet, and I especially love Ann's tattooed heart! So sweet!
    Happy REDnesday!

  11. Where did you find the IheartYou peeps? I would love to find them for my grandchildren...thanks

  12. The dolls are too sweet! Love the tattooed heart, too adorable! The birthday basket you made is lovely!


  13. Awww, cutie patootie dolls! And what a nice basket for your neighbor!

  14. Very cute! I love Raggedy Ann and Andy!...Christine

  15. Your Raggedy Ann & Andy are adorable, and I also saw the Raggedy Ann in a Barbie world quote somewhere this week and thought "me too"!
    Happy VTT,

  16. Sweet Raggedy Ann and Andy. Won't you be my neighbor? =)

  17. The rag dolls are fabulous. The "i love you" on the chest is so cute!

  18. I love rag dolls. I never had a Raggedy Ann or Andy, but I have one rag doll I made and several newer and vintage ones.

  19. Love your doll, and now I learned Paula Deen has candles,never knew that...Happy VTT!

  20. All of these items are so cute. I live in the same world as you do. No barbies here LOL

  21. What a great way to greet your visitors. You have a very interesting post today.

  22. When I was a little girl, I had a Raggedy Andy. (My older sister had Raggedy Anne.) I LOVED THAT DOLL... he was the toy I slept with every single night. I love him to pieces..... Literally.... to pieces. My mother patched and fixed him up 5 or 6 times, completely attached new legs and arms out of new fabric at one time. But he eventually disintegrated to nothing. (partly because we had moved to a semi-tropical part of the world, and the humidity takes a terrible toll on fabric. ) I still have the little square of fabric that was his face, tucked away in a special box of childhood treasures.

  23. Sweet little raggedies! Thanks for showing them off! Too cute!

  24. lovely dolls! reminds me of my lil girl time!..

  25. Oh what a lovely neighbor you must be. Such nice thought was put into each of these.

    Thanks so much for participating with us on FFB!


  26. Love Ann and Andy..they're just as sweet as can be.....

  27. Hi Denise!

    What a wonderful pair of treasures you have in Ann and Andy!

  28. What sweet little rag dolls! And a great bargain too! You made it beautiful with the ribbons, but a gift is a beautiful thing all by itself. :)

  29. Hi Denise Sweetie...
    I love this post. Your Raggedy Ann and Andy are the sweetest and I love the embroidered heart. (I still have mine that my Aunt Jean made me when I was but 7 years old making her 46 years old. She needs some new clothes though.)

    Love the little basket that you put together. So sweet. I too bought some Paula Dean candles at our Fry's store (which sells Kroger brand foods, so they must be sister stores). Don't you just love them? They smell so wonderful.

    Thank you for sharing with me today. I love it when folks share. I had never thought of running any scrapbook paper through my shredder for cushion. Thanks for that idea I love it. Sometimes all you need is a little packing.

    Have a beautiful evening sweetie. Thanks so much for sharing with me again. Country hugs and much love...Sherry

  30. enjoyed your giving heart! And Raggeddy Ann and Andy. My youngest daughter was always afraid of them and even now as an adult does not like them. Why? she does not say. But she was like me as a child loved her dollies. Well I got one as a gift from an elderly friend that has gone on to be with the Lord. Ann does not have her original dress but she has her original sticker in cloth
    1947! I have her in my office on my twin bed grandkids sleep on. Thanks for a fun web site to see on show and tell day.

  31. Hi Denise!

    Neat shredder idea! That candle is yummy!

    love, kelee

  32. It such a pleasure to meet you. What a darling gift. I'm in love with anything Paula Dehn does. I recently purchased her pans and love them. What a pleasure to cook with. I've used her candles for quite sometime and love how they smell and burn.. Thank you for stopping in and saying hello. Pop in any 'ole time..hugs ~lynne~

  33. I loved Raggedy Ann and Andy when I was little, I even had the talking clock radio:) Such a cute doll!

  34. The Raggedy Ann and Andy are just darling! I didn't know Paula Deen had candles! I just saw her pots and things at Target the other day. That's a lovely gift you put together!


  35. What a fun post! I love the Raggedy Ann & Andy!
    Great quote, too!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog on Pink Saturday, and for the nice comment too! We appreciate it!!!
    Have a blessed day!


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