Oct 7, 2009

Red Lightnin'

This is my precious pre-teen.  His baseball skills are amazing and given by God. 
He works hard and just love it!!

Hubby's truck became the gatorade station this summer for All-Stars.  #32 Rocks my heart.
That's lil brother in the back of the truck. :)

Nice shade, huh.

Intense game face.

Have a fantabulous Rednesday.  Please go see what's Red at

Sue's...It's a very Cherry world   xox!


  1. Yes, it does make a mama's heart flutter to see her babies out there playing, doesn't it? The red uniforms are just right for today's post! Thanks for sharing and Happy REDnesday.

  2. Oh I was there a few years ago also. Isn't it so much fun? Now my little guy is 19 and on his own...watch out Denise Marie...it goes by as fast as that ball.
    Happy Rednesday
    Love Claudie

  3. It's nice to see him succeed, isn't it. On the flip side he is growing up.

  4. Great uniforms. Hubby is a big baseball fan but son loves basketball.

  5. LOL about the Gatorade truck! that seems to be us all the time. And we don't even have any kids playing! But, we have 3 nephews who are all on at least 2 teams all summer so, the whole family has to pitch in and support them. And we always are the "Aunt & Uncle" with all the coolers filled for the kids! It seems like every summer I becaome an "Aunt" to a whole group of kids I don't even know! LOL

  6. Go All-Stars! What's summer without baseball? Yahoo!

  7. Nice family photos and the red looks good too ;-)


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