Oct 22, 2009

Blue Ridge dessert plates

Happy Vintage Thingy Thursday

I wanted to show these 2 plates today, even though they are hanging to prove to us that we never have put the molding up near the ceiling to finish our cabinets. :)  These belong to a set of 8 dessert plates that my Grandmother gave me.  They all feature different fruit, and not the prettiest ever but oh, so sentimental.  They are Blue Ridge Southern Potteries.   Is that funny or what?  Ya'll know I'm a southern gal but my G'ma is anything but...she resides in Massachusetts and has her whole life.  I had the rest displayed in my dining room until I moved that antique wardrobe you can see thru the door.  It now lives in the dining room to hold dish collections.  I'll showcase my dining room for ya'll as it comes back together.

I love Vintage thingies!!  Modern...bluuccckk
Hope to make the rounds at
 Colorado Lady, Vintage Thingy Thursday. 


  1. I like the apple design. I have apples in my kitchen.

  2. From the picture, you have a neat house. The plates look nice where you have them.

  3. The plates are pretty! I've heard of Blue Ridge Pottery.

  4. Very pretty. Are they all a little different?

    I laughed when you said that your G'ma was anything but southern...living in Mass, I understand.

  5. lovely display as well. I have bought and sold many items like this before I love to see how they are displayed and love yours for sure

  6. The plates are really cute and like how you have them displayed...loved the peak into the other room...can't wait to see it....

    Have a great fall weekend and a wonderful VTT!

  7. Very cute plates. Nice where you put them. I like the shelves on the left in your kitchen, nice to display things.

  8. I love to decorate with plates. Those are in just the right spot to enjoy every time you walk through the door! A treasure from Grandma is so precious...

  9. Those are really cute plates! I don't think I've ever seen any like them. Now I want to see what's in that other room!
    Happy VTT!

  10. The plates are so pretty. I love vintage things too and they are even better when they come from family.

  11. Lovely plates! I'm a southern gal too, but a little further east then you. We are in the Sunshine state, and I love it!



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