Oct 19, 2009

Halloween capers

Ya'll may have seen some of these pics before.  Still no camera and hubby is bauking at buying another.

This plate stands on a holder right as you enter the living room, it greets you.

Bloody eyeball gumballs that went quick. We also have had gummy worms.

Now, Go forth and view other blog parties or I'll have to let the Clone Trooper army loose on you.

Fiberdoodles is having a blog party

A Fanciful Twist is having a Halloween party.



  1. Thanks for the party! Now come over to mine and bring the Clone Troopers!

  2. Who needs to buy another camera, have those Troopers go capture you one! LOL! Happy partying!
    ~ Autumn Clark

  3. Love the storm troopers!

    Please stop by my blog for the Halloween Party and giveaway!!!


  4. LOL... Great post and I just love those storm troopers. My grandchildren would love those eyeballs. I think I will go out and get some :>) Happy Halloween!

  5. Oh my, that eyeballs candy looks, well, eyeballish ;-) Nice Halloween images and oh, no....not the Clone Trooper army!

  6. Found you thanks to fiberdoodles. Those bloody eyeball gumballs...gross but so cool at the same time! Fun pics! (Hope you get a new camera soon so you can take more. =)

  7. Love the eyeballs. I will need to fill my jar with these.
    Please come and visit when you get a chance.

    Irma :)

  8. Happy Halloween! Sorry I'm late, Luv the 2 guys at the end;)

  9. So cute! I just love that scarecrow in the first photo. Happy Halloween.

  10. Oh the eyeballs in the jar just crack me up! Thank you so much for joining the party!

  11. Those eyeballs in the glass container look spectacular...Swing your broom on by my place for more treats, if you haven't flown in already!

  12. Thanks for sharing your photos. The eyeballs are a fun addition to the jar. Are these gum balls? Come by for a visit to my place. I hope to share more on Thursday and then all next week.


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