Oct 2, 2009

Boo Grams

Well, no camera yet. 

 I'm getting my Boo grams together anyway because I gotta be the 1st to attack, right.  I have buckets from the $1 store that look like ghosts.  I have bags that are pumpkin or black that I've saved.  I also have those take out boxes and mine have bats on them.  I let the boys pick a friend or 2 each.  You should start with 3 to get it going, but there is no rule.

I've collected halloween socks, hair bows, candy, Peep marshmallow pumpkins.  You can get stuff everywhere.  Wal-mart, $Dollar Tree, drug store, grocery items. 

I had a friend give apple cider that had a halloween theme with cookies before to her neighbor. 

Give a decoration they can use or vampire teeth or gummy worms or eyeball gumballs.

I typed in Boo To You on google and this came up:

It has all the instructions you need to start a whole new trend in the neighborhood.

Beware:  it is exciting trying not to be discovered Ding Dong Dashin'.

Have a happy weekend!!


  1. I like all your spooky ideas. The $ store always has great items for the holidays. I go there often and come home with more than a $ worth of things. THANKS!!! for sharing. Geri

  2. Sounds good. We never do too much as we don't get any children in our neighborhood on Halloween.

  3. I used to get all into Halloween and then my young daughter became an adult and now I still enjoy it, especially when the little tots dressed up in their ballerina outfits, come to my front door for "trick or treat" but it's just not the same for me anymore, not having any young children around... so, I just dress up my pets and go on....enjoy!


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