Mar 15, 2011

Pre-school Worker

I've started Subbing at my church Preschool.  It is a big leap of Faith for me. 
I haven't worked for many years.  I'm hoping and prayerful for a 3 day a week spot next school year.  Nate even had the teacher that I would love to replace.  She is gonna go be a G'ma full-time for 2 grandbabies.  It would be such a joy and blessing to be able to start working again without going downtown for an Accounting spot.  I am willing to work and have been truly blessed to stay home with my boys and volunteer all my hours.  But...we moved...we could use more $$ for taxes and fees and gas for the carpool so off to work I go.  I am humbled that the Lord would use me again outside the home.  And, I'm over~joyed that  I may get a spot so close to home, easy for me to accomplish, exactly fits our needs, not interupting my home duties.  Esp. because it is my beloved church, all the preschool songs and activities still live in my heart from when the boys went thru it. 
Yes, Lord...I am a willing servant...even still.

I have it in me to do all of this again. 
I just have to trust the Lord to keep me strong and creative. lol

I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me. ~Phil 4:13

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  1. I'm so jealous (in a good way) that you get to go that! I taught pre-school at my church for two years.....16 four year olds! I was taking a sabatical from my corporate job and I wish I could do it again. Treasure every day...they are SO precious at that age. Glad the whole deal worked out with your's truly a blessing.

  2. What a wonderful, uplifting blog you have-and to give the glory to God-I really enjoyed visiting today!

  3. that will be wonderful if you can volunteer closer to home. times & $$ is tight, but if you can help out, it is easier if it does not cause a financial hardship. blessings to you. thanks for stopping by & commenting on rednesday. please add your blog link next time so others can find you & come visit:) Faythe @GMT

  4. I hope things things work out and you get the job next year . Best wishes & prayers for you on returning to the work force .
    Happy St. Patrick's Day !

  5. Welcome back to the employed world! I hope you're going to have fun in your work and career. I'm wishing you all the best.

  6. Hi Denise Marie,
    I haven't come to visit in a while. I'll have to go back to older posts and catch up. I hope you do get the three days a week job. It's so great that it's close to your home and it will doing what you love and I am sure you are really good at it. Good luck my friend, I will pray for you.


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