Mar 9, 2011

Moody Gardens Aquarium

My birthday had a wonderful suprise this year. 
Naters had been sick all week and his fever finally broke.  He couldn't go to school yet so he and I made a precious memory together...
We went to Moody Gardens Aquarium in Galveston, TX.
This is a HUGE complex of areas to explore and we just did 1 activity.  They are about to re-open the Rain Forest pyramid shown here.  It was such a beautiful day too.
We had a membership for 1 year about 4 years ago and this was a fun rememberance of those days.
I thought the penguins would be the show stoppers but they napped the whole time we were there.
There was a touch tank and a hands off tank full of sea stars, anemonies and the like. 
Every color...who can imagine such beauty under the water??
God called the dry ground “land,” and the gathered waters he called “seas.” And God saw that it was good. Genesis 1:10
Who was awake and much fun to behold...the seals!! 
They had a ball they were throwing around and dive bombing. lol
This gal was a hoot!!
She would swim back and forth between 3 tank view windows for all the kids and cameras.  You couldn't see her until she was right up on the window and she loved the drama.
Can you see the White Sea Horse??  Amazing!
They are crazy, glorious creatures!
I could have sat in here for an hour!  Sharks, schools of fish.  Big and little all around.  It reminded me of the mural in the boys playroom for many years.  They had an Arctic Adventure theme.  Now that we've moved and nearly every single room is painted boring beige...I gotta come up with something cool, right.
I had a could I resist this inspiration in the girls bathroom?? 
This would be cool in a kids bath or the floor of a pool,
it got my wheels spinning.
Finding Nemo flashback. lol
See the 2 Blowfish that look like the rocks. lol

That's all Folks!!



  1. What a great park to visit to! I bet you had a wonderful time and birthday! Take care.

  2. The place looks amazing and fun! Gotta visit this park soon!

  3. That looks like a great place to take kids. You two made some great memories I am sure. Hope you had a great birthday!

  4. What fantastic fun! Now to do your scrapbook. Great shots.


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