Mar 6, 2011

Opening Day Little League

This year I got towards the end of the parade instead of the front.  Here comes the lead Fire truck making noise, honking and flashing his lights. lol  All the kids and families line the streets to catch the candy as it is thrown off the floats by players.  They are always begging for the candy back by the end of the route.
I thought this golf cart pulling the trailer was cool!

 How did this team get a San Fran trolley car??  How awesome!
 This Liberty bell belongs to a local church and weighed tons.
 This is our Phillies team!!
 Gotta love this truck..the big Dawgs. lol
 Gotta love a John Deere tractor in the middle of all the red with a TeePee for the Braves.
 They all end back up on the big field and circle the infield and wait for their team to be announced.

Let's Play Ball!!

Seasonal Sunday post anticipating a terrific Little League season!!



  1. i love baseball season. college baseball has started and i'm in heaven!!!!!

  2. How fun, I'm sure everyone has a great time:@)

  3. Thanks so much......for stopping by my blog......I hope you have a wonderful Sunday. Mary

  4. Brings back memories of when I did this with my son. Now he has 4 little ones of his own, and not a minute to spare in between activities!
    Congrats on the contract. Hope all goes well!

  5. So exciting - it means Spring and ball time! Thanks so much for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper


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