Sep 19, 2010

A Lil Birdie told me

Is this the Tweetest lil hand-made box you have ever seen??
See the gorgeous paper detailing.  The pearls, the cut out bird and branch, the ribbon.

Now...look at the eye candy inside!!
And the gorgeous pink bottom of the box.  Love it!!

I got this precious gift from Bella the Owl who I swapped with this past Spring.  She lives in Australia and I send blessings to her and her Mom who helped her make this gift.  Her Mom works with Stampin'Up

God schooled me thru Bella's gift!!  She is a 13 year old girl with much love of the lord and much gifting and generosity of heart.  This is not nearly all she sent me all the way from Australia but this touches me the most.

God made a christian connection that we can call upon thru this swap.  Her Daddy was quickly in a terrible motorcycle accident with a bunch of his buddies after we met and I've been praying with her for him to be a great source of ministry to his buddies.  You just never know, Peeps..Whooooo God will use or bring you to to bless and be blessed by in turn.

Those pretty scrolls of paper are scriptures that I can open up and agree with the word of God for her family...her country, my children, her.  AMEN!!

xox, DeniseMarie


  1. What a lovely gift and a great ministry God has given the two of you. And what a sweet idea to Scripture pray the comforting and encouraging Bible verses written on those little pieces of paper. Sounds like a fun activities project for grandparents and their grandchildren! :) Joining with you in praying for physical and spiritual healing for them all. Have a blessed Spiritual Sunday.

  2. That is a sweet box. Love that the papers are scriptures. I sold SU for 6 years.

  3. Oh!
    Thanks so much for posting about this!
    For all of you who read this blog (and most importantly Denise!) the two injured men are making a swift recovery. Most of all the Christian man! He is talking, laughing and got an ipad from all of us (all the people who know him saved up for one) and he is doing great! He is still VERY injured, but he knows of all the great people praying for him. Thanks so much guys!

  4. I will say a prayer tonight for her and her family. What a nice little box she made you, it's really cute.

  5. That is really precious. Thank you for sharing your treasure with us. I'm so glad you chose to share on Spiritual Sundays.


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