Sep 9, 2010

Dishes and more dishes

I got permission to take these photos for ya'll this summer at a junk shop in North Carolina.  I have discovered an area I knew nothing about for 15 years of visiting this area.  I finally looked in the phone book and got a lead on a resale shop and found 3 others on the same olden strip!!  Just 4 blocks further away from the farm than I have ever gone before for shopping and errands. 

I did not buy any of the fun dishes I found.  We flew in for the 1st time in 9 or 10 years so no big junk hauls for me this year.  lol  I brought my niece and my youngest with me this trip.  It was soooooo hot in the shop I thought I'd pass out and so did my son, but kept looking anyways. :)  My son kept begging for us to leave...but there were dishes and more dishes to see.  My boys have caught the Junkin' bug, esp. the youngest.  Niece has it too but her mom is a Neat Nick/Control Freak...she can't act on her impulses or else has to leave stuff at G'mas. ;(

Fun...Happy flowers!!
What is not to LOVE? wonder they are still in perfect condition. 
70s vibe to love!!

Blue Transferware

Thought about Nancy, from Nancy's Daily Dish with this pile.
Wedgewood Yummy!

Yes, my heart nearly leaped out of my chest for these beauties!  I have an olive green and purple thing going that could be the theme of my dining room and these would be perfect!!
My head was spinning, the kids were begging to leave and I was busy scheming if they'd fit in my suitcase. lol
Garden Licious!!

Johnson Bros..England
Windsor Ware

My gorgeous niece, MacKenzie. 
She found a stash of olden hats and tried them on for me. "Aunt Denise...Look here."

"Yes, Honey...Aunt Denise sees ya...but there are dishes and more dishes!!"  lol

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  1. Those are some pretty things, I would have been tempted too!


  2. Glad you stopped by! I love the china! Great Junk Shop! Thanks for stopping by my shabby french cottage!

  3. You know, we just don't have anything like this here. I agree, the purple and green florals would be something for me. How beautiful. Here you would find one dish, not a stack of them. How fun. I always bring a rolling suitcase to make sure I can bring things back!!! Next time.

  4. Nice dishes Denise! Did you take the dishes home with you?

  5. Hi Denise! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I hope we can keep in touch!

  6. Oh I would have been buying another suitcase to bring some of those beauties home with me. I can't resist dishes!

  7. I could have soooo much fun in that place! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Well, you have me giggling on this one. I think that we would have fun shopping together, but we'd have to have an agreement that whoever sees it first has first dibs. Thank you for sharing your adventure with us. Cherry Kay

  9. I'd be like Cherry Kay...whoever sees it first gets first dibs! lol
    I love all the dishes. The floral pattern is gorgeous and I too love olive and purple. Such a pretty combination. Thanks for linking to me! ;-)


  10. p/s Your niece IS a doll!



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