May 2, 2013

Spring Love

Hello Gals!!  We are having way too much fun teasing our teenage boy about cars.  I'd love to drive a Plum toyota...but not a 15/16 yr old boy!!! lol

We keep taking pics and about this 1 or that 1.  He doesn't think it is as funny as we do.

In true Momma Love fashion, I've taken my boy's side and he and I have sent a few photos too.  Our baby wants a Ford Mustang and Momma drove a red mustang back in the day so I am partial.

Are we all having some crazy Spring weather or what??  Thank you God for this cool snap in Texas. 

Today was/is National Day of  Prayer...God Bless America!!



  1. Mustang...great taste in cars! I drove an aqua blue Mustang with a white leather top when I was in college...and white leather interior...I thought that I was one hot chick. I'll be excited to see what the boy child gets. Cherry Kay

  2. So.... did he get the Mustang? Great car! laurie

  3. Oh, we love Mustangs in our family!! The first car my husband and I bought was a gold fast-back Mustang and our son has had three cars in his life - two of them red Mustangs!! He still loves them and is trying to save enough money to buy a new car and keep the Mustang. he has now. I certainly wish we still had the gold one. Good luck to all of you - this is an exciting time!

  4. My first car was a Mustang too! But I did not love it. It was a 1977 Mustang II. Every time we would drive up a hill or mountain I would lean forward hoping that would help get it up and over. Frankly it was a piece of junk. But that's not to say that I don't love Mustangs. I DO! (Just not that one - although it was cute.)

  5. i drive many cars but Plum Toyota has its own enjoyment, its is very unique car having very excellent speed on the road. i like mustangs....


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